what does morning sickness feels like

What is morning sickness? What does morning sickness feels like? Is it happening to every pregnant woman? Does it happen every morning? Can it lead to more serious problems? Does the fetus inside the womb are affected by morning sickness?How to cure morning sickness? What stage of pregnancy does it start and stop? I know this is a lot of questions, which probably just like what you have in mind.

Being pregnant there’s a certain stage you will experience different things or feelings. For the sake of mommy’s health and baby’s health as well, we research and answer those possible questions that every pregnant woman had in mind, hoping this will be a helpful article for you to have a healthy pregnancy.

What is morning sickness and what pregnancy stage it occurs and stop?

Morning sickness is a layman’s term for vomiting and nausea during pregnancy. It usually occurs during the first semester of pregnancy stage or roughly around 6 weeks but morning sickness can happen as early as 4 weeks of pregnancy. It usually stop if the soon to be a mommy or pregnant women reach at least the 2nd semester or at least 4 to 6 months of pregnancy stage.

What morning sickness feels like? Does it happen every day?

Let me say it frankly, when I experienced morning sickness on my first pregnancy it really feels awful. At first, it seems like a headache or nausea and after I had my breakfast within 10-20 minutes I feel few fuzziness and stomachache, that’s the start of vomiting part, though after vomiting I felt relieved. Though for some other pregnant women they experienced vomiting nausea anytime of the day.

Good news for preggy mommies that this early pregnancy symptoms or morning sickness does not happen every morning . Another good news, that not all pregnant women experience morning sickness, hence we still need to be extra careful and be knowledgeable what morning sickness like. Reading about pregnancy books, researching to internet about pregnancy will keep our minds aware, aside from that we can also get some ideas and experiences from other preggy mommies.

Does the fetus inside the womb are affected by morning sickness?

There are always two health at stake being pregnant, of course mommy’s health and baby’s health. Morning Sickness does not affect or harm the baby inside the womb, but preggy mommies needs to be extra careful, because excessive vomiting may lead to dehydration that may affect the fetus inside the womb.

How to cure morning sickness?

Since we know what does morning sickness feels like. It is best to know on how to cure them. There are tips on how to feel better when nausea and vomiting occurs for pregnant women:

  • Follow what you crave. This is usual to pregnant women, they are being repelled on certain cravings or taste. Just give yourself into the cravings but always check if it’s good for your health. Most of the time, pregnant women craves for sour fruits which are reach at vitamin C which is good for pregnant women.
  • Smell a fresh scent. According to Miriam Erick, a senior dietician and nutritionist, “Morning sickness is often smell-associated”. Usually, pregnant women are sensitive when it comes to smell, if they smell an awful odor it will make their tummy turns upside down. This is my common issue when I was pregnant first time, I hate garlic smell, when I start smelling garlic scent, nausea attacks and I start vomiting. My remedy for this is that I always bring Pink Stork Mist, it makes my nausea gone due of its scent, I just spray a few to my wrist and start sniffing it and I started to feel better. Its Organic magnesium ingredient is safe for mommy and the baby inside the womb. It is handy, you can bring it anywhere with you, What I like most is the scent, it is not too strong which really relieves nausea and avoid me from vomiting.
  • Have a bed rest. Sleeping or just simply lying down and having a few nap will ease your nausea. This is the simplest way yet still effective. Make sure the room is cozy enough to fall asleep easily and you can listen to mellow music to help you relax and not feel dizzy.
  • Sometimes it is all in the mind, if we experience morning sickness it does not mean it happens every morning. We sometimes over-think, we tend to set wrong expectation that morning sickness might happen again tomorrow morning and it will make you feel sad and uncomfortable because you are expecting same dilemma every morning. Set your mind, that every morning is a different morning, and always hope for the best.
    Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water, this will keep you away from being dehydrated. Vomiting may cause dehydration and if it happens both mommy and baby are affected. It may sound cliché, but drinking eight glass of water a day is one of the best remedies to cure morning sickness.


We cannot avoid morning sickness, however there are moms that are experience enough that can give us tips, specialist or experts that can advice us what to do, and products like Pink Stork Mist) that can be purchased online for quick remedy to avoid nausea and vomiting.

This information might not be applicable for some pregnant women, but it is always good to know what to do if you experience morning sickness. If you have question or comments to share about your morning sickness experience during pregnancy, just feel free to be a part of our discussion. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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