how to make baby move

The baby actually moves at 7 weeks when they start to be aware of the surroundings. After 16-22 weeks, this awareness becomes much stronger, and they start to have their own response to the outside world’s noise or mom’s movement.

Therefore, baby moving or kicking is considered a sign of healthy fetal growth. Many moms can get freaked out to realize their baby stops moving for a while or so. How to make baby move or in other words, how to stimulate baby’s movement and relieve mom’s mind? Follow our thorough 7 tips, practice and feel the change!

What Is the Frequency That You Should Feel Your Baby Kick?

Normally a seasoned mom would notice the baby’s dance sooner. They can easily distinguish the naughty kicks from fetal stomach rumblings than the first-time moms. There is no any fixed number on how often a baby should kick to show that he is healthy and well-developed since each baby has different activity patterns of resting and sleeping.

How does Baby Moving Feel Like?

It feels like “popcorn popping”, butterfly fluttering or fish swimming inside your womb. The movement tends to become more regular and intense when the pregnancy starts reaching the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Video of baby moving inside mom’s tummy:

How to Make Baby Move?

Alright, here come the 7 quick and easy tips to make your baby squirm. If one doesn’t work for you, just simply skip it and try the next tip. Let’s start!

Change Mom’s Position

Change your position; especially you may need to lie on your back or belly. If on your belly, remember you shouldn’t put much pressure to it. By adjusting the mom’s position, there will be a chance that the baby wants to adjust himself inside too.

Meanwhile, many moms may experience the moment that they lie down for bedtime, the baby squirms a lot. During the day, all the exciting activities seem to keep him sleep well, and when mommy stops moving, baby can wake up and shows some protestation.

So, if you want to see them kick, pretend it’s bedtime by lying down on your bed, put your feet up as well.

Have A Sweet Snack

Eat some sweet foods and wait for the fun part in a few minutes. Baby will get affected by blood sugar rise just the same as you do, and this will spur him to move.

For sweet food choice, you can go for healthy choices like cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, etc. A glass of sweet juice is also great for a jolt.

Wake Him Up with Icy Food

A glass of cold water or milk or even ice-cream can be a little shock to the baby, and thus, can wake him up to show some responses to the coldness. Sometimes, spicy or hot food may work as well.

Different foods will have different effects on each mom’s bodies. You’ll need to notice foods that can spur baby’s moves and repeat those foods whenever you want to feel your little loved one inside or want to show his kicks to the partner/children/family.

Play on Some Music

Turn on the music, sing along the songs or mom can sing a lullaby herself. If you often go the church, bring your baby bump there on days there is choir or instrument played. Music with much vibration and a lot of basses can usually catch baby’s attention. However, be sure not to play too loud.

Talking about sound, mom’s voice should also be involved to get baby’s reaction. A 22-26 week baby has developed enough hearing function to identify mom’s voice and sound in the surrounding area.

Press Your Bump

Press lightly onto the side of your baby bump using your palm or fingertips, then wait for him/her to answer. Do this on the place where you usually see them kick. This is also a trick that the practitioners do while giving mom an ultrasound, by pressing the wand on your belly to make the baby perk up.

Don’t worry much about pressing may hurt or squeeze him since there is a protection layer of amniotic fluid.

Execute a Flashlight on Your Belly

From 22-26 weeks, the baby’s eyesight is developed enough to respond to light and darkness. Once there is some flashlight shined directly into his eyes through the stomach, he might find this unpleasant and will try to crawl away from the disturbing light.

Jumping Jack or Jogging

Do jumping jack or jogging slightly for a while and see the significant moves afterward. Mom who is on ultrasound with the baby too camera-shy can do this exercise for a rapid position change as well.

Video of jumping jack tutorial:


These are 7 fun, easy and safe tips of how to make baby move that any mom can try right away, anytime and anywhere.

However, if the baby doesn’t move much, don’t worry too much because as we mentioned, each baby has different activities and these patterns vary through trimesters. As long as in the 3rd trimester, ten kicks every hour is a good figure.

You can always consult with your practitioner or midwife in case you find there is something strange.

Good luck and have fun with your baby.

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