I Don’t Feel Pregnant Anymore

For any first time mom-to-be, pregnancy can throw you a lot of mixed signs that make you question whether you are pregnant. Is it normal to suddenly feel like “I don’t feel pregnant anymore”? Should you be worried and what should you do to cope with it?

It’s tough to be pregnant, especially for the first time

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience in any woman’s life. Nothing in this world can match the feeling when you find out that you are pregnant and in only a few months you will be able to meet your little bundle of joy.

Every woman is unique, and not all women will experience the same pregnancy symptoms. There are plenty of symptoms that could be associated with pregnancy, but they can be pretty perplexing and misleading. Therefore, there is no single answer or solution that can apply to everyone.

Since pregnancy is an incredibly complicated process in which your body is preparing to accommodate the growth of another person inside the body, you can go from “This can only mean I am pregnant” to “I don’t feel pregnant anymore” within a short period.

As thrilling as pregnancy is, being pregnant means experiencing tremendous changes in your body and your life. The pregnancy hormones flooding in your body will result in your different looks, the misery of having your energy drained out of you and a lot of discomforts.

If you are struggling to try to find out what could go wrong or if you are still unsure why it happens or what you ought to do, keep reading the next parts of this article to consider different scenarios that may suggest what you are going through.

Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

An expectant mother (Photo credit: Foter) When it comes to symptoms that can indicate pregnancy, the list can go on forever. However, there are some certain reliable symptoms that can determine that you are likely pregnant. Look out for these early signs of pregnancy:

  • Fatigue and Nausea: If you are suddenly feeling inexplicably tired or experiencing nausea and vomiting, there’s a high probability that you are pregnant. The pregnancy hormones in your body are making you utterly tired and drained, and all you want to do is to take a really good nap.
  • Late Periods: Though a late or missed period doesn’t always mean pregnancy, it is indeed a pretty strong indicator that you are expecting.
  • Food Craving or Aversion: Do you notice that you start craving for some particular food all of a sudden? Or does your stomach become easily upset by the same usual food you normally love? If that happens, it is very likely that you are pregnant

Of course, the best way to find out if you are suspecting is to take a pregnancy test. There are many other signs that can indicate pregnancy as well, check out this comprehensive guide for all the pregnancy signs you would like to know.

So, you have experienced some of the pregnancy symptoms, and then they just go way without any explanation. Is it normal or does it indicate a miscarriage? Consider two scenarios below to consider which best describe you and how to respond accordingly.

“My test was positive, But I Don’t Feel Pregnant Anymore.”

If you have taken your pregnancy test and they all turned out to be positive, it will not be uncommon to stop experiencing some or all of the pregnancy symptoms as long as there is no vaginal bleeding or unusual pain.

Your pregnancy symptoms do not usually persist throughout your pregnancy, especially nausea and morning sickness. Some symptoms will gradually fade away when your hormonal changes settle down, which leads to less or loss of pregnancy symptoms.

Some women are less sensitive to hormonal changes than others, so it is not rare or abnormal to experience few or no pregnancy symptoms at all in your first trimester. So, do not panic when what you are going through is different from other experiences.

If you notice spotting or vaginal bleeding, you should speak to your doctor as soon as you can because it can indicate a miscarriage. When a miscarriage happens, you will no longer experience the pregnancy symptoms you used to have.

But even a vaginal bleeding does not necessarily mean a miscarriage, so, by all means, consult with your doctor immediately just to be safe. So, do not panic too soon. If you want to learn more about miscarriage, check out the following source for more details.

“I haven’t taken any test, and I Don’t Feel Pregnant Anymore”

As mentioned above, there can be many symptoms associated with pregnancy, and they can be weird or unexpected. However, not all symptoms can be linked to pregnancy even though they share a lot in common. So, the withdrawal of pregnancy symptoms can indicate there is no pregnancy in the first place.

If you experience a lot of symptoms that resemble pregnancy symptoms, then you stop feeling pregnant, and you haven’t taken any pregnancy test yet, chances are you are likely not pregnant.

There are many symptoms that seem to indicate pregnancy but in fact, imply other health issues. For example, increased vaginal discharge can mean that you are pregnant, but it can also mean you are having some infection particularly when your vaginal discharge is green or yellowish with an unpleasant smell.

If you take a pregnancy test and it happens to turn out to be negative, then the disappearance of pregnancy symptoms can indicate a false pregnancy. A false pregnancy is a condition in which a woman believes that she is pregnant and that her body produces signs of pregnancy to reinforce her belief.

Always consult with your doctor to avoid complication

If you are still certain that you are pregnant, check with your doctor and they will be able to give you expert advice to see if you are pregnant or having a false pregnancy. A false pregnancy usually stems from psychological issues, so it is best to seek medical help as soon as you can.

The best way to determine whether you are having healthily pregnant is to check with your doctor. Even pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy tests if not taken properly can be misleading and make you more confused.

In a nutshell

It is usually not something to be concerned about when you no longer experience some of the pregnancy symptoms. Even in the worst scenario, a miscarriage will not be the end of the world because what matters most is your health.

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