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Pregnancy is a journey filled with happiness for a woman. It’s like a magical time when there is a little life in the mother’s body.

The love wire connecting two hearts is also growing and filled with love. However, the journey of pregnancy also brings many great changes to women’s health and spirit.

Therefore, during this period, pregnant women need special attention and sharing. There are many ways to show that you care to them, such as listening to a women’s psychological changes, massaging her body to avoid aches and pains, or cooking her food delicious and nutritious.

In addition, you can also regularly give her meaningful gifts for pregnant women and babies to help her feel that everyone cares. So what is the best gift for pregnant women? How to choose the most suitable gifts in this period? What are pregnancy gift basket ideas?

15 Best Pregnancy Gift Basket Ideas

There are many meaningful gifts for pregnant women that you can choose. Join us to learn about practical gifts that most pregnant women would love to receive.

1. Vitamins And Nutritional Foods

Vitamins And Nutritional Foods

One of the most important issues during pregnancy is the health of the mother and baby.

Pregnant women are especially in need of additional nutrients to support the fetus for 9 months. During pregnancy, the mother’s body may often feel tired and have any signs of loss of appetite, insomnia, nausea, or indigestion.

These can also be warning signs that the mother’s body lacks some important substances that lead to this condition.

Therefore, a gift basket of nutritious foods such as vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, nutritious functional foods will be the first ideal choice for pregnant women.

2. U-shaped Pillow For Pregnant Women

U-shaped Pillow For Pregnant Women

One of the problems that most pregnant women have to go through and feel extremely tired with is insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, and tossing. 

In the early months of pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the body, women can often feel tired and have trouble sleeping.

However, in the last months of pregnancy, when the fetus has grown larger and the mother’s body becomes heavier, most women will face insomnia.

This is because a larger fetus puts pressure on the spine, legs, and hips. Therefore, women will always feel pain and not be able to sleep comfortably.

A U-shaped pillow designed specifically for pregnant women will be a meaningful gift to help pregnant women get a good night’s sleep during the last months of pregnancy. 

This gift also received a lot of positive feedback from pregnant mothers because it can help improve sleep quite effectively by creating support for the pregnant woman’s body.

3. Books About Pregnancy And Newborn Care

Books About Pregnancy And Newborn Care

Pregnancy and newborn care are extremely challenging. Pregnant women will have to deal with first-time experiences and it can be overwhelming.

Equipping knowledge about frequently encountered situations is also a way to help pregnant women have more understanding and the best preparation to take care of their babies.

You can choose from pregnancy nutrition books to help pregnant women understand pregnancy health and choose the best nutritional foods.

In addition, handbooks on newborn care or problems that babies often face will also be important issues that pregnant women need to learn to be able to best handle in similar situations. 

The more pregnant mothers learn about health and newborn care, the more knowledge and confidence they have to raise a healthy and intelligent child.

4. Baby Clothes And Supplies

Baby Clothes And Supplies

During pregnancy, women love to look at small objects like clothes, hats, socks, toys, or baby products.

This brings a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the arrival of the little angel in the family. So, a gift basket with lovely clothes, shoes, hats will make women’s moods happier than ever.

In particular, this gift will also be very useful to serve the birth of children later. 

5. Costumes For Pregnant Women

Costumes For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women often feel self-deprecating because of the obvious changes in their bodies. One of the common situations that most women face is the problem of weight.

Therefore, many pregnant women do not feel confident to wear clothes or pay little attention to clothes during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, pregnant women often cannot wear clothes that are too tight, too tight, it will cause discomfort but also be dangerous to the fetus.

Instead, the maternity dresses are spacious, airy, comfortable but equally fashionable to be able to move easily.

So you can give pregnant women beautiful maternity dresses to make them feel confident about their figure. 

6. Milk For Pregnant Women

Milk For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, nutrition is one of the most important factors to help pregnant women overcome the changes in the body.

Pregnant women need to supplement a lot of essential nutrients for the mother and baby’s body, ensuring adequate nutrition according to a specific diet for pregnant women.

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, women can often feel fatigued, lose appetite and have nausea. Therefore, milk will become a particularly important source of nutrition for women during this period. Therefore, you can consider this meaningful and practical gift.

7. Health Care Services For Pregnant Women

Health Care Services For Pregnant Women

Hormonal changes in the female body during pregnancy will lead to body aches and extreme discomfort.

Women will suffer from back pain, hip pain, knee pain due to the growing fetus in the later stages of pregnancy.

In particular, many women may experience frequent cramps or be unable to move because of edema during pregnancy.

Therefore, health care cards such as massage, hot compress, relaxation for pregnant mothers are extremely useful and practical gift ideas.

8. Skincare Products

Skin care products for pregnant women

Women during pregnancy need more careful skincare. Hormonal changes can cause a pregnant woman’s skin to become dry and rough. This greatly affects their psychology and confidence during pregnancy.

Therefore, you can choose the right skincare products to make a gift to help pregnant women become more confident.

Better yet, you should consult a specialist to choose cosmetics and skincare products that do not harm the fetus and avoid irritating the pregnant woman’s skin.

Regular pregnancy skincare sets are fragrance-free, made with ingredients of natural origin, and are dermatologist-tested to be safe for both mother and baby.

9. Special Products For Stretch Marks

Special Products For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the problems that most pregnant women face with this condition.

This condition occurs not only on the abdomen but also on the thighs, groin, biceps, abdomen, legs, and neck. This negative change makes women feel inferior and helpless.

Therefore, stretch marks treatment products are one of the meaningful and practical gifts for pregnant women.

They will help take care of women’s skin and slow down the aging process of the skin in areas such as the abdomen or thighs. Postpartum women will feel more confident about their skin.

10. Music Headphones For Pregnant Women

Music Headphones For Pregnant Women

Currently, the method of early education for the fetus while still in the mother’s womb is becoming more and more popular. Early education helps the mother and fetus have a relationship before the baby is born.

Every day, talking with the fetus becomes very necessary to create a connection between family members. The fetus also loves to listen to music and talk with parents every day.

A headset for pregnant women and babies will become extremely necessary during pregnancy to help mother and baby relax and listen to happy music every day.

From there, the mother and baby will have a more positive and healthy mood. Put on headphones and enjoy fun music about life.

11. Nutritional Snacks

Nutritional Snacks

Nutritious snacks will become a gift that many pregnant women love because they will help pregnant women satisfy their cravings for sweet, sour, salty, spicy, or even bitter foods.

Due to changes in the body, pregnant women may crave more food than usual, especially junk food. Snacks with delicious flavors can help women feel happier during each snack.

However, you should choose nutritious snacks such as dried fruits to supplement iron, low-sweet cakes to avoid gestational diabetes, grains such as almonds, walnuts, or nutritional seeds.

12. A Basket Of Fresh Fruit

A Basket Of Fresh Fruit

Fruit is one of the indispensable nutritional components in the daily diet of pregnant women.

Fruits help provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body of the mother and fetus. In particular, fruit is also one of the favorite snacks that many pregnant women use to replace daily snacks.

Some fruits with high nutritional content are good for mother and baby such as grapes, ripe papaya, oranges, avocados, pomegranates, kiwis, bananas, apples, strawberries, mangoes, pears, and so on.

A basket of fresh fruits with a variety of fruits will become a great health gift for pregnant women.

13. Belly Support Belt

Belly Support Belt

The pregnancy belly belt will help pregnant women reduce fatigue during pregnancy, especially the last stage.

It is also a meaningful and practical health gift that pregnant women often have to use. According to research, up to 71% of pregnant women experience low back pain, pelvic pain.

The pregnancy belly support belt will support pain relief, provide a comfortable posture when you have to move a lot, help pregnant women live more easily, prevent cold stomach, protect the belly from sagging, prevent abdominal stretch marks, curvature spinal curvature.

Therefore, you should choose to buy a pregnancy belly belt made of stretchy material, soft, breathable, body-friendly fabric.

14. Souvenirs For Pregnant Women And Babies

Souvenirs For Pregnant Women And Babies

The pregnancy journey will become extremely memorable with beautiful memories between mother and baby. Souvenirs will always remind you of this tiring but happy time.

Souvenirs such as picture frames to hang ultrasound pictures of the baby from the womb, photos were taken during pregnancy, kits for simulating the baby’s belly, or key hangers locked with a baby image. 

All the small things that can be carried with women ​all day and become a memory of each mother’s happy time. 

15. Cleaning And Cooking Aids

Cleaning And Cooking Aids

In the last months of pregnancy, women will become tired, move heavily and find it difficult to bend because the fetus is growing rapidly.

Cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the family will become increasingly difficult and burdensome. Therefore, pregnant women need the help of tools to support housework such as robot vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, smart food cookers, washing machines, etc.

These smart hygiene tools will save pregnant women from having to spend too much time and energy daily. Instead, they will have more time to rest and prepare for the day of childbirth.

Therefore, you can choose a small robot vacuum cleaner or smart cooking pot to become a practical gift for pregnant women. 


During pregnancy, women need to be cared for and shared. So, people around can often give them gifts so that they always feel loved during tiring days.

You can choose health-related gifts such as vitamin and mineral supplements, cereal grains, nutritional seeds, fruits, dried fruits…

In addition, do not forget to choose spiritual gifts such as skincare products, clothes, souvenirs, headphones… to help pregnant women have a happy pregnancy period.


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