can a baby survie at 30 weeks

Being pregnant, we moms are given at least full 9 months to prepare ourselves to have a healthy baby. Hence, premature delivery happens, wherein full stages of pregnancy are incomplete because they’re born or delivered before their reach the full pregnancy stage. Most of the premature babies were delivered during the 30 weeks stage of pregnancy.

In this case, questions and a lot of studies have built up, Can the baby survive at 30 weeks of being born? Is there any health risks involved? How high is the chance our babycan survive at 30 weeks? If not, what are the reasons our baby can’t survive? All of these questions come to our worried mind with regards pregnancy. This article will keep you, our readers, to be more informed about delivering a premature baby and their huge chance to survive.

The Record and Statistics says:

In pregnancy, there are certain stages wherein the baby grows inside the mother’s womb. Just think it this way, it seems like there’s time scheduling going on inside the womb, within a certain month, somewhere inside that womb a baby is developing. For example, during 1st week of being pregnant, though there are no obvious changes on the physical aspect of the mother’s body, the baby inside the womb is already growing, the baby is called fetus, and as week goes by, the fetus continues to develop until it reach the final countdown and ready to be deliver.

The ideal weeks for a baby to be delivered are 37 to 40 weeks, at 37 weeks the baby is considered full term or fully developed. However, there are pregnant moms that deliver their babies as early as 30 weeks or 7 months period.

Based on the records, it was James Elgin Gill, the earliest premature baby in the world. Born on 20th of May 1987. He was born only 21 weeks equals only to 128 days premature. He survived and born as a healthy baby boy in Ottawa Canada.(

Most premature babies delivered between 26 to 30 weeks, based on statistics, on those weeks of pregnancy stage, who receive care and treatment at neonatal intensive care has at least 90 percent chances to survive. However, if it is lesser than 27 weeks of delivering a baby the chances of baby’s survival decreased to 50 percent up to 80 percent.(

Though it is proven that baby can survive at 30 weeks being born, there is still health risk involves, that is why premature babies need extra care and some medical attention.

30 weeks fetus – is still a developing baby inside the womb.

During 30 weeks stage of pregnancy, the baby is swimming to amniotic fluids which increasing every week.

The baby size inside the womb is roughly around 15.7 inches and weighing estimate of 3 pounds but still gaining pounds and getting longer. At this point, her eyesight is continuously growing even after the baby is born; though, at this stage, the fetus is more likely look as a baby. With complete and develop body parts and it might look like that the physical attributes of the baby are complete the internal organs are still maturing and continuously growing. Baby’s digestive tract and lungs are still getting matured, meaning it is not yet fully develop at this stage.

The common health issue of a premature baby.

If the baby was born in less than 37 weeks it is considered as a prematurely born baby, also called as a preterm birth or premmies. Most of the internal organs of the baby are still developing at this stage of pregnancy and though the chance of survival being born prematurely is high, there are risks involved when it comes to health aspect. (

By study and research, the health problems, for premature babies falls into two categories, the short-term health problems, and the long-term health problems.( ; )

The short term health issues for a baby that was born prematurely are

The first common short term health issue is the respiratory or breathing problem of the premature baby. Again, within 30 weeks stage, that is the time when in the lungs of the baby are growing, if the baby were delivered or born on its 30 weeks, the baby’s lungs are not yet fully develop. This is why most of the premmies or premature, had an extra attention from the time they were born. These kinds of breathing problems are called; Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) and Chronic Lung Disease/Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) these are two of the usual syndromes of a prematurely born baby if the baby’s breathing problem was not treated immediately. By study, 70 to 90 percent of most of the babies that suffered from these diseases are premature ones, and they are required for oxygen supply during their first week or month after born.

Another common health issue of premature born is birth weights, most of the time premature babies are underweight. Since the infant is the lack of weeks on their mom’s womb, the necessary amount of nutrients that infants supposed to have inside their mom’s belly was cut from the time they were delivered or born.

Other common health issues are Heart and Brain issues, Temperature control problems, blood problems, gastrointestinal, metabolism or immune system problems since the baby is still maturing inside their mom’s womb. If these health issues are not checked or treated urgently after delivery, the prematurely born baby may suffer from long-term diseases or complications.

The long term health issues for a baby that was born prematurely are:

Cerebral Palsy is one of the long-term health issues of premature babies. This is the involuntary or disorder muscle movement, an incorrect posture that was usually caused by blood infection, which premature babies are prone to. Another long-term health problem is Dental problems, if the premature baby born was critically ill, calcium is the most affected nutrient, the calcium is for bone development, teeth is considered bones, if calcium supply of premature babies is affected, which is commonly low for premature infant, the baby might suffer from tooth eruption and improperly aligned teeth.

Premmies or premature have a high chance to have a hearing and vision issues as well if it is not checked from the time they were born or without seeking regular medical attention it might lead to a long-term health problem. During 27 up to 30 weeks of pregnancy stage, fetus or baby inside the mother’s womb still on the process of developing its senses, therefore, the baby’s five senses might be affected, if the baby was delivered on this stage.

Prevention and Awareness is a Must.

Even there are health concerns that are involving prematurely born babies; there are instances that prematurely born babies were delivered as healthy as the full term babies, but prevention is better than cure. Being pregnant we can’t really predict the exact date and time we can deliver the little infant inside the womb, but we can do the best way we can to have a healthy pregnancy. It is always better to do some research and study about things that we can do to make pregnancy stage healthy and to deliver our little angel to this world as healthy as they can be.

It is also advisable to seek a professional advice and do a regular medical checkup before and after giving birth. If you have questions and comments about this article please do so, it will be highly appreciated. Be involved, Be informed, it is always OK to know.

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