cheap places to have a baby shower

Planning a baby shower can become a headage of paying too much. There are many tasks to prepare and many things to buy, including foods, decorations, games, etc. Also, the rental cost can get a lot if you choose to hold the baby shower at expensive places. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help you cut back the expense without looking like you’re cutting corners. Here is a look at cheap places to have a baby shower.

What are Cheap Places to Have a Baby Shower?

#1 Home

In my opinion, having a baby shower at home is the best idea. Whether you throw it at your house or your guest’s house, you’ll pay no rental cost. If you hold the shower at your house, the benefits are more.

Nothing is better than holding a baby shower at home!

Firstly, you – as a mother who is big with child – don’t need to travel from one place to another place. This means you not only save both time and effort but also reduce the risk of accidents, especially a miscarriage. Secondly, holding the shower at your house means you’re free to decorate and transform your living room into a party room with both colors and music.​

About the drawbacks, the number of guests may be restricted by the size of your house, especially if you’re living in a small house or apartment. The second disadvantage is that you might need to clean your house after the party, and third-trimester-of-pregnancy mothers don’t like this. So, you might ask your guests to stay and help you tidy up as well as put the furniture in order.

#2 Church Hall

For pious moms, holding a baby shower at a place of worship, such as a church or a cathedral, seem to be a good idea. In fact, many future moms and dads choose to go with this way. A local church often has specialized rooms for guest hosting and social gathering, including the church hall and restroom.

The best part is that you can ask God to give your baby a robust health and great intelligence. Also, don’t forget to pray for your health and other guests. If there is the Father, you can ask him for blessing as well.

In general, the rental fee for the church hall is not expensive. In case you’re an active member of the religious institution, the church administration might give you a discount or ask for a little donation. No matter who you’re, make sure you book in advance to secure your plot.

#3 Local Park

A picnic or a baby shower? They’re the same!

Holding a baby shower at a local part is just like participating in a picnic. If the weather is nice, people can play 100% outdoor. Since the part is a large public place, you can host up to 10-20 guests without worrying about the area limitation. Decorating and serving foods will be also a lot of easier.

In case the weather doesn’t permit. I mean it suddenly starts raining for example. You and your guests can move the picnic into the pavilion where you can find in most parks. Use your picnic for seating if there is no tables and chairs.

Note that parks usually require a reservation, and thus, it also comes with a little bit rental fee. Some parks even allow rentals on lodges which might include a kitchen and be more spacious than pavilions and.

#4 Restaurant

Among cheap places to have a baby shower, a restaurant might be the most expensive choice. However, with this way, you can ensure that the dishes and drinks will be delicious to make all your guests satisfied.

In addition to price, another big drawback of having a baby shower at a restaurant is the lack of freedom. It’s obviously that you cannot require whatever you want because there are other restaurant’s customers who are gently enjoying their food. Even a very little action, such as laughing loud or playing a song, might become a bother under their eyes.

So, is there a solution? Yes, you can order a private room. This way, you have to pay more and need a reservation. Now you and your guests are free to play games, sing songs, and even dance.

You can require in advance a few decorations from the restaurant if you want. To keep from having to pay too much money, you can give your guests a budget meal. I’m sure they won’t blame you.​

​#5 Community Center

Holding a baby shower at a local community center is usually not as expensive as at a restaurant. In most centers, there are meeting rooms for guest hosting and social gathering. If the center has a spacious grass area, ask the manager so that you can turn your baby shower into a picnic. Of course, you have to book everything in advance.

#6 Office

It’s true that an office is a place for working and not for playing, but if your boss allows and your colleagues feel free, why don’t you break through the stressful atmosphere by throwing a happy baby shower. In most case, there will be no rental fee. You can also strengthen tie with others via this event.​

​#7 Local Tea Room

Refreshing crackers, sandwiches, beverages and other snacks warms the stomachs on a languid evening. A tea room baby shower gets to be distinct along the way as you and your guests share conversations and smiles. This place is also one of the cheap places to have a baby shower, which offers you both budget and private benefits.

​Extra Tips for a Much More Budget Baby Shower

#1 Cheap Décor

If you’re dexterous or you simply have plenty of time, DIY décor is a good selection. There are unlimited ideas and samples on Pinterest for you to freely select. Another way to go is buying cheap décor.

For examples, buying monochromatic balloons instead of investing on colorful balloons. Make sure you check the prices before going to the stores, which will help you stay away from exorbitant stores.

​For how to make DIY decorations, take a look at this video:

#2 Digital Invitations

Say goodbye to paper invitations and postages. Instead, utilize phone calls, SMS messages, or online free services such as social media networks or emails. This way, you can save your time but also contribute protecting the environment (papers are made from trees). Your guests will not blame you but will appreciate the convenience of emails. There are various cute digital invitations on the Internet, just pick up one and personalize it to fit your reference.

#3 Food and Drink

Sandwiches are delicious, and your guests will love them

Get cooking! It’s, without a doubt, the cheapest way to cut off the expense of food. Even if you’re not good in cooking, a nice spread of crackers or sandwiches might not a big challenge.

A baby shower doesn’t require an entire meal to be served. So, a snack with desserts and beverages is just enough. What if you cannot cook at all? Your friends! They will be willing to help you in a willing atmosphere. I’m sure!

#4 Artificial Flowers​

Consider monochromatic balloons and artificial flowers reduce the decoration expense.

You don’t need to buy fresh flowers because they’re simply not necessary. Instead, reuse artificial flowers in your house or buy new ones. In most cases, they’re cheaper. They’re beautiful and diverse as well. And the best thing is that they last for years.

However, if you still want to go with fresh flowers, you can choose white calla lilies or orange tulips. Besides, consider the vases. Plastic or porcelain? It’s up to you!​

​#5 Activities and Games with Pens and Papers

Keep guests engaged with activities that won’t use up every last cent. Forget games requiring too much stuff. Instead, play with games where all you’ll need is a pen and some paper notes.

There are a lot of cheap, fun baby shower activities and games you can hold. I take the Wish Jar for example. Each guest writes down a wish for the new mom and put the paper in a jar. The mom store the jar as a souvenir in the nursery. When the child starts learning how to read, show him/her these loving messages.


Now I’m going to end up this post. I hope it helpful. I hope your oncoming baby shower will be the most memorable party in the history of the world. If you have extra tips that you want to add into our post, whether some extra cheap places to have a baby shower or any tip for a much more budget baby shower, please share them with me. I always appreciate your support! Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful time!​

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