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The appearance of a new family member requires lots of preparations including buying things for feeding, equipment for sleeping and dressing, and especially, dealing with diapers when the baby is on his/her first few months.

When it comes to changing the diaper, best changing pad is what you should invest. It keeps your babies safe on a soft and comfortable surface. However, there are various models of changing pads coming in different sizes and colors, which makes it difficult to choose a suitable one for your newborns. This guide is the solution!

What to Look for When Buying a Changing Pad

What to Look for When Buying a Changing Pad


Safety is considered as the most important feature we need to consider to be able to choose the best changing pad for our baby. Because the babies always wiggle whenever we change their diapers, so if we’re not careful enough, they may get injured.

There are various problems to concern, such as Does it have a safety belt? Can we adjust the belt depending on the baby’s size? Does it have a contoured edge to keep the baby in the center?

Most of the changing pads have a safe belt in the midsection to prevent the baby from falling off. Moreover, some of them also have a security strap to attach themselves to the furniture such as a changing table, a dresser or a counter.

A great changing pad also requires a non-slip surface at the bottom not to slide out of the surface. Therefore, with all above secure features, the parents can easily change diapers for their children.


Most parents want their children to lie on a changing pad in the most comfortable way, which is related to the material of both of the cover and the inner.

Most changing pads’ covers are made from vinyl which is waterproof, non-toxic, non-allergenic and anti-microbial. These covers help to limit the growth of bacteria, prevent the liquid from leaking and create the dryness for the baby.

A good changing pad usually has cotton or foam filling that makes up its own softness. A soft enough filling combines with a vinyl cover will make the baby feel more comfortable.


The size of the changing pad is also an important property. Nowadays, changing pads are available in various size and shapes. Some are in the oval shape; some are in the rectangular shape, and some have rounded corners.

The changing pads are not only for the newborns, but they’re also for toddlers so that you can choose its size depending on your baby’s size. Moreover, if you have bought a changing table or a dresser to put it on the top, you need to choose its size clearly to fit them together.

For more details, you can measure your own table, then sketch which style will be suitable for it. This way, you can determine what size and shape you need to seek for.

Ease of Cleaning

An outer made of vinyl is a good choice if you want to save the cleaning time. Because, as mentioned above, vinyl layer is waterproof. This means all the remaining liquid will be on the layer, and what you need to do is only wiping it with mild soap and a cloth. Furthermore, if it could be laundered in a washing machine, let’s consider it.

After every wash of the belt, you must assemble everything again. This video shows you how to do that.

Our Top 5 Best Changing Pads

The below part is our reviews of the top 5 best changing pads. We provide you with a deep look into each product with features, advantages, and disadvantages. Click the links to check their price and buy one of them if you want.

1. Summer Infant Contoured Changing White

Summer Infant Contoured Changing White

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This pad deserves to be one of the best changing pads because of its all following features. It has double layers, and the top layer is made from 100% waterproof vinyl. Moreover, it’s very easy for parents to wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the changing area mess-free and germ-free.

It’s equipped with an adjustable safety belt to keep your baby safe while changing their diapers. Furthermore, the contoured sides keep the babies not rolling to the left or the right. There is a security strap underneath which combines with its non-skid bottom to fix its position on any changing table.

Thanks to the standard size of 32’’x16’’, it fits most of the changing tables. You can also purchase some cute, stylish covers to accompany with this model.


  • Two contoured sides and safety belt for maximal safety and comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits most changing pad tables
  • High curved sides prevent babies from rolling far
  • Elastic, non-skid bottom keeps the pad on the table


  • Vinyl material can be easily ripped
  • It’s not machine washable safe
  • It’s a little bulky in a small flat.

2. Summer Infant 4 Sided Changing Pad

Summer Infant 4 Sided Changing Pad

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As a mom, I choose the best things for my babies. That’s the reason why I choose this 4-sided changing pad, which is considered as one of the best solutions for the changing diapers’ process in terms of convenience, security, and comfort. With the dimension of 32.5 x 16.5 x 4 inch and the rectangular shape, it fits almost any changing table or dresser except the small tables.

The 4-sided design prevents the baby from rolling too far in any angle. Moreover, it has a safety belt at the middle to cradle the baby in the center and a security strap which attaches it to the furniture along with non-slip bottom to keep it in place without slipping or moving. This is a unique feature of this model to distinguish it with others. Thus, it ensures that every newborn is super secure.

It has two layers made of PEVA vinyl which is very durable. Besides, the vinyl’s waterproof property helps you clean the pad easily. With a wet cloth, you can keep it free from germs and bacteria.


  • Made of waterproof and wipeable vinyl
  • 4 high walls keep baby safe
  • Safety straps keep the baby comfortable and secure
  • Fits almost any changing table
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s too bulky to put in small tables.
  • Vinyl material can be ripped easily.

3. PooPoose Wiggle Diaper Changing Pad

PooPoose Wiggle Diaper Changing Pad

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It was created in 2012 by two doctors: Brian and Dana when their baby tried to wiggle during diaper changing. Because they don’t want to see their child as well as other newborns falling from the changing table, they decided to design this model to limit this situation.

This best changing pad is a high-quality product with the outer cover made from grade, safe medical and non-toxic material and the inside made from 100% recycle material. Therefore, it’s easy and quick for you to clean with a damp cloth or by a washing machine. You can use this model with a cover or not, or you can repurpose the cover like a store bag.

An outstanding feature that distinguishes it with other products is that it has a soft, removable and washable strap. During the process of changing diapers for the baby, this swaddle-like strap helps to keep your baby in safe. Moreover, this strap can adjust to fit the size of babies to make them feel more comfortable.


  • Gets the job done easily and quickly
  • Holds both toddlers and newborns
  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean cover
  • Washable and removable strap
  • Fits most changing tables


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t make babies stop rotating onto tummy
  • Easy-to-get-stained material

4. Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad

Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad

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This model has a smaller size than the above summer infant products; therefore, it also fits most changing tables and dressers. The contoured and soft cushion made of waterproof material is easy to clean up the messes. Unlike others changing pads having prints or grooves, this model is completely smooth. It doesn’t allow bacteria or germs to grow.

However, like other best changing pads, Munchkin secure grip changing pad goes with a safety strap with a buckle to keep the baby in place. Moreover, it also includes Xtra-grip rubber strips that attach the pad to any surface we want without damaging it. In addition, fabric straps with screws are used to adhere them securely to the back of the changing table or dresser.

When it arrives at your home at first, it may have a light “new plastic” odor. What you need to do is opening and leaving air out of the pad. After a few days, there is no smell at all, even when you press your nose into it. However, you don’t need to worry about the quality when buying it because it has met all of the standard safety regulations.


  • Xtra-grip strips for tight attachment
  • Smooth, waterproof and easy to clean up
  • Prevents the germ spread
  • Suitable for converted dresser
  • Durable and hard to rip


  • It has a slightly plastic smell.
  • Cushion feels like cheap foam.

5. LA Baby 30″ 4 Sided Changing Pad

LA Baby 30" 4 Sided Changing Pad

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In general, we can see that this product is slightly similar to the Summer Infant 4 Sided because both of them have 4 sides and 4 inches in height, which keeps babies in the center and stops them from rolling and falling to the ground.

Its outer cover is made of vinyl with phthalate free which is non-allergenic, waterproof, stain resistant and anti-microbial. It’s also very easy to clean with a wet cloth and mild soap. With the soft foam interior, it will make the baby feel very comfortable.

This model belongs to the ergonomic design that makes it fit most dresser tops and standard changing tables. It’s easy to mount thanks to not only the non-skid bottom but also a security strap and two screws included.

With all features above, you completely don’t need to worry about your baby’s safety when using it. For example, if your baby wakes up and at that time, you need to turn off the stove immediately, you can let your baby alone in this pad and do your own work. But remember to fasten the safe belt with a quick and easy release buckle.


  • 4 contoured sided keeps baby safe
  • Quick release belt is adjustable
  • Can be mounted securely
  • Fits standard changing tables
  • Non-toxic, waterproof, and easy to clean


  • The quilted cover can be ripped easily.
  • The smaller size may leave a gap.


In my opinion, all of these products are the best changing pads. They are affordable in price and great in performance. You can also buy extra covers which are lovely and cute to make the changing pads have another look and attract your baby.

In order to choose the suitable one, you need to understand your circumstance. If the budget is not your problem, don’t hesitate to pick up the PooPoose Wiggle Diaper. I have used it for my baby, and it works just crazy.

Or if your budget is limited, you can select the Summer Infant Contoured or the Summer Infant 4 Sided. Despite the cheap price, they do its job really well.

I hope this review helps you a lot to make your own decision! Don’t forget to leave your comment on the box below. Thank you for reading!

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