How Do I Remove the Front Wheels of Baby Trend Stroller?

Have you ever tried to remove the front wheels of a Baby Trend stroller? If so, you probably ended up with a lot of frustration and had a difficult time understanding how to do it. You’re not alone Baby Trend has created some wonderful baby strollers which have become popular among parents. But, as usual, there are always a few complaints about it, including this one that I’m going to solve right now. 

In this post, I will tell you how to remove the front wheels with no trouble. Stay tuned. The front wheels on the Baby Trend snow strollers are a little different from other strollers, but they’re not that bad once you figure them out.

Then you won’t be dealing with any more injuries to yourself or your baby from getting pinched by the front wheels. Removing them is very easy.

About Baby Trend Stroller

Baby Trend is a well-known manufacturer of baby strollers. The brand produces high-quality products for parents and babies, so the strollers are definitely worth your attention. It was created to make affordable, yet quality products for babies and children.

The company has since grown to include a wide variety of items, including strollers, car seats, high chairs, swings, and more.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is an excellent stroller for active parents who want to get in some exercise while pushing their baby in a safe environment. The front swivel wheel makes it easy to turn on a dime when you need to change directions quickly.

The adjustable handlebar lets you find the perfect height whether you’re over 6 feet tall or under 5 feet tall.

How to Remove the Front Wheels of Baby Trend Stroller Wheels

Take out the wheels of a Baby Trend Stroller in these 3 easy steps:

1. Remove the axle

Your first step is to remove the front wheel axle from your Baby Trend stroller. You can do this by taking off the plastic caps on both sides of the axle and then pulling it out.

2. Loose the Front wheel-stroller connector

Next, you need to remove the plastic piece that connects your front wheel to your stroller frame. You will see a silver pin on each side of this piece; push a flathead screwdriver into these holes and pry them apart until they come loose.

3. Take off your wheel 

Once you have removed these two pins, pull out the metal bar connecting them with pliers or vice grips (be sure not to damage anything). This will allow you to take off your front wheel completely.

Reasons for Removing Baby Trend Stroller Front Wheels

There are several reasons to remove Baby Trend Stroller Front Wheels:

1. To clean the stroller

Strollers can get dirty quickly when they’re used in public places like parks or shopping malls. The best way to keep your stroller clean is to remove the wheels and clean them separately from the rest of the stroller. This keeps dirt from getting on other parts of your stroller that can’t be removed or washed as easily. 

You can also use a damp towel or sponge with no soap added to wipe down the frame and handles of your Baby Trend stroller if you don’t want to completely disassemble it for cleaning purposes.

2. To replace a broken part of the stroller

Sometimes things break while you’re using them, so it’s good to know how to take apart some parts of your Baby Trend Stroller if you have to replace them yourself rather than having to wait for an authorized repair center employee or shipping it back for repair service at home. You may need to replace any part of your Baby Trend stroller that breaks down over time if it no longer functions properly or if the part has become damaged due to wear and tear from frequent use over time.

3. If the wheels are too close to maneuver

If the wheels are too close together, it can be difficult to maneuver around tight spaces such as shopping malls and grocery stores. Taking off the front wheels will allow you more room for movement. If the wheels are too close together, they may also not roll properly over rough terrain or grassy areas.

4. To be able to pack the stroller

If you want to pack your baby trend stroller front wheels, then you need to remove them first. Removing them will make it easier for you to fold up or store your stroller when not in use. Packing your baby trend stroller front wheels will help save space in your home and car trunk as well as protect them from damage caused by impact or friction due to storage in a confined space such as a cupboard or closet without proper ventilation for example.

5. To adjust a misplaced part

If you notice that one wheel does not turn smoothly, then it could be because the wheel has been misplaced. You can easily fix this problem by removing and reattaching the wheel.

6. To reduce the space required for the stroller

If you want to store your Baby Trend Stroller in a small place like an apartment closet, then removing one wheel will help you make more space in your home or office building. This way, you can store your stroller without having any problems with space issues.

How to Assemble Baby Trend Stroller Wheels

The Baby Trend strollers are one of the most popular strollers on the market and for good reason. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. However, if you have a Baby Trend stroller and want some help assembling it, then this guide will help you out.

Step 1: Make sure that all parts are present in the box before beginning your assembly process. The wheels should come with them already attached to the frame; however, if they don’t, then you will need to assemble them yourself. If any of these parts are missing, ask to get them provided.

Step 2: Attach the front wheel to the front of the carriage using two screws per side (four total). The screws should be included in your box; however, if they aren’t, then contact your provider for a replacement.

Step 3: Attach each side of the carriage to one another using four bolts per side (eight total). The bolts should be included in your box; however, if they aren’t called get them provided. 

How to Clean a Baby Trend Stroller

Baby Trend strollers are easy to clean and maintain. Here are some tips for keeping your stroller clean and fresh:

  1. Check the wheels and tires for dirt or mud. Remove any debris with a piece of cloth or paper towel.
  2. Dry the wheels with a dry cloth, if needed, to avoid rusting.
  3. Clean the frame with a damp cloth. Use mild soap if necessary and rinse thoroughly with clean water before drying off completely with a dry cloth.
  4. To remove stains from the fabric seat pad, use a mild soap solution or antiseptic wipe and rinse thoroughly afterward with clean water (and then dry).

In Conclusion

The baby trend stroller, like most strollers of its age, is made of aluminum, which makes removing the front wheels a very simple process. You should be able to follow the step-by-step guide above.

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