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A baby’s kick is one of the best connections between mother and child. It shows that there is a sacred little human life growing inside your body. However, if, for some reasons, a mother cannot feel it, she needs to find out why. And if there is any method to stimulate the baby’s movements, they are worth trying.

My article today aims to tell all mothers the most fantastic tips of how to make baby kick. If you are pregnant and desire to have that feeling, the following content should not be ignored.

What Will You Need to Follow the Tricks?

Before going into details about how to make baby kick, what you should prepare and do first is to pay attention to the most active period of your baby.

Although the most likely time for mommies to feel their baby’s movements is before bedtime, each baby has a different routine. Therefore, if you can notice that and apply the following little secrets, their effects will be optimized.

8 Best Tips to Make Your Baby Move

1. Stimulate Your Belly

When you are pregnant, your belly is a very sensitive place, and your baby can feel the movements there. That is why you can use the tip of your finger, your palm or elbow to lightly press to your belly. Repeat the action 3 to 4 times until you can feel your baby’s kick.

Your child will not get hurt because your amniotic fluid will protect him. So don’t worry about it. However, some mothers may have issues with their kidneys during pregnancy.

Therefore, pressing their left belly can cause particular pain. If you are one of them, instead of stimulating belly, you can choose any place that your baby often kicks and do the trick. He will show some movements in no time.

2. Provide Some Sweet Juice or Snack for Your Body

It’s natural when your baby reacts to the foods and drinks that you take, especially when they increase your blood sugar rate.

The pleasant and sweet taste from the juices you take is one of the most efficient ways to wake your baby up. He will make all types of movements that can even startle you sometimes. Milk or orange juice is the best. If you can have it cold, it is even better.

Furthermore, according to, sweet snacks have a massive advantage in stimulating your baby’s kick. Because when mommy’s digestive track is changed, her baby can listen to the sound it makes and the nutrients it processes.

As a result, he will make some reactions, such as kicking or turning over. Ice-cream, chocolate or few sweet candies covered with almonds are the most excellent options.

3. Music is Very Efficient

Mozart can make your baby sleep and may be smarter when he is born. However, it’s not a good music when you want to make him kick. Songs and rhythm with strong beats can quickly catch his attention. Don’t be shy to use some pop or rock songs that you like to stimulate your baby. Tap dancing tapes are also very useful.

4. Lie Down

There is a paradox that mommies should know when studying how to make baby kick. That is, when you perform movements by day, your baby is asleep. However, when you lie down and relax in the evening, it’s your baby’s show time.

Therefore, if you want to make him move, try lying down during the day when you have some spare moments. Even when it is not bedtime, your baby will rise and do some exciting performance just as you expect.

And remember, if lying on your back does not work, you can switch your position and lie on your side. That will help.

5. Talk

When you are in week 22 to 26 of pregnancy, your baby’s fetal hearing tend to listen to various types of sounds around. The noise when you cook, the bell on the bicycle of the paper boy, or particularly, your voice, can be the best stimulants for your baby’s reactions.

That is why you should usually talk to him. His mommy’s voice is the sweetest sound in the world. Singing songs is also another form of talking and communicating, which may make him turn his head or step his foot feeling exciting.

6. Shine a Light on Your Belly-Button

It can be a very useful trick when your baby is in week 22 to 26 because his fetal eyesight is said to be almost entirely grown. Therefore, just turn on a flashlight and shine it on your belly-button.

You will feel some of your baby’s movements within 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes, you can even see them, which is similar to the mother in this video:

7. Jiggle Your Tummy

This method is often applied by practitioners when doing the ultrasounds to get a correct result. If you pay a little attention, you will see they poke the wand of the device quite gently on your tummy. In some other cases, they also jiggle or shake the wand to stimulate your baby’s movements.

In that way, you can use this method at home by using your palm or the tip of your fingers. Nevertheless, remember to do it slowly and gently. Otherwise, your baby may get hurt.

8. Relax

According to Kicks Count, hormones that a mother produces during her maternal stress period are one of the reasons why her baby moves less.

It means that a mother’s emotional state has a substantial effect on a baby’s movements and developments. As a consequence, you need to have an absolute relaxation during pregnancy if you want your baby to kick and thrive well.

Besides, there is one piece of information that I would expect you to remember after reading this article. When the baby has reached to the 28th week, he should show some movements every day.

A healthy one often has at least ten kicks each hour. If in any case, you cannot feel any movements within two hours, it is recommended to call a doctor or midwife.

Even though every kid is different, and some show a greater number of movements than the others, tracking the little signs and giving a baby the best care are still a mother’s responsibilities. So, do feel free to contact experts when you experience something wrong.


Have you been enjoying and applying the tricks I offered?

I hope all of them work for you. And I also hope that you will be happy when feeling your baby’s kicks. As I mentioned, those are just one of the most crucial connection between you and your child. Moreover, it is a sign to show you that your baby is growing well and absorbing enough nutrients.

In conclusion, thank you for checking our tips of how to make baby kick. If you have any question, do comment below or send to my email. I would love to have a discussion with you.

And if you like this article, please share it. Other mothers are expecting to have the tips that you have just achieved. Goodbye and see you in my subsequent writings.

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