How to Clean Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller?

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller is a popular stroller. It is known to be sturdy and dependable. However, it may get dirty from time to time.

You will need to clean it for it to be properly disinfected and free from bacteria that may make your child sick. Here are some tips about how you can do the job perfectly. Somehow, our children always seem to get their hands on things we don’t want them to. 

Whether it’s a new piece of art they found in an alleyway just after a rain, or the robot toy that can send all your social media contacts a compilation video of every embarrassing moment you’ve ever had.

Cleaning baby trend expedition jogging stroller is no different. Cleaning the stroller is an important part of maintaining the baby trend expedition jogging stroller. If you spend time and effort cleaning it, it will last for a long time and will keep your baby happy.

Cleaning a Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

Cleaning the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller is easy with a few household items. Here are a few items you’ll need:

Materials Needed:

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap
  • Damp cloth/ Sponge
  • Dry cloth
  • Soft brush
  • Paper towel
  • Rubbing alcohol

Here are the detailed steps on how to clean your stroller:

  1. Clean the tires and wheels first. Use warm water and mild soap to clean the tires and wheels. Rinse well with clear water and allow to air dry completely before using the stroller again.
  2. Next, clean any parts that come into contact with your baby, including the harness straps, tray, and seat pad. Wipe these areas with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap to remove any stains or dirt buildup. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and allow to air dry completely before using the stroller again.
  3. Remove any extra accessories from the stroller, such as the cup holder or parent console
  4. Wash any fabric parts in warm water with mild soap or detergent and rinse thoroughly. If needed, use a soft brush to remove any stains or debris.
  5. Dampen a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe down plastic parts (such as wheels) to remove dirt and grime. Be careful not to get too much on any electrical components, as this can damage them.
  6. Use the damp cloth to wipe down the frame of your jogger stroller. If needed, use a dry cloth afterward to dry off excess water that may have gotten onto the frame during washing (this will help prevent rust).

What You Should Not Clean Your Jogging Stroller With

You can clean your jogging stroller in many ways. You can wash it with soap and water, use a mild cleaning solution, or even wipe it down with a damp rag. But there are some things you should never use on your stroller. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bleach

Bleach is a strong chemical that can damage any fabric. It also tends to discolor certain fabrics and colors. Bleach can eat away at the material of your stroller and cause discoloration or fading over time. You also shouldn’t use bleach on any parts of the stroller that touch your child, this includes any fabric straps, handles, or other areas in contact with your child’s skin or clothing.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia is another strong chemical that can damage fabrics by breaking down their fibers into smaller pieces, which makes them weaker and less likely to hold up over time. Ammonia also has a potent odor that lingers long after application, which may not be ideal if you plan on using your stroller again soon after cleaning it.

  • Heat 

Heat can damage plastic parts on your jogging stroller, especially if it is designed for infants or toddlers because they tend to be more delicate than older kids. If you want the best care for your child’s safety, then avoid using heat when cleaning their product.

How Do You Clean the Fabric on the Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller?

The fabric on the Trend Expedition is machine washable, but I would recommend spot-cleaning it first. You can use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean any stains or dirt from the fabric. After you have cleaned off any stains or dirt, you can place the stroller in your washing machine on the gentle cycle. 

You will want to wash it alone so that it does not get tangled up in other items that may be washing at the same time. Once it has been washed, you will want to let it air dry completely before using it again. This will help prevent any shrinkage or stretching of your stroller’s material.

Benefits of Keeping Your Jogging Stroller Clean

Here are some reasons why keeping your jogging stroller clean is important:

1. It Protects Your Child’s Health

Keeping your jogging stroller clean protects your child’s health by preventing the growth of bacteria and germs in the seat. This can make it harder for your child to get sick or develop allergies.

2. It Disposes of Odors

The smell of dirty diapers, baby wipes, or wet clothes can be overpowering when you’re out for a walk with your little one. A clean stroller makes it easier for you to enjoy being outside with them instead of being distracted by the smell of dirty items inside their seat.

3. It Helps Keep Your Baby Comfortable

When you have a clean stroller, it will be easier for your baby to relax during their ride outdoors because there won’t be any extra layers of dirt or grime on their clothes or skin from sitting in an unclean area over time. This can help them sleep more soundly during their outings, which can make them happier overall.

4. Easier to maintain 

Regular cleaning means you’ll be able to keep your jogger in good condition for longer. If you don’t clean it often, there will be dirt and debris that build up and can cause wear over time.

Is It Ok to Hose Down a Stroller?

Yes, it is OK to hose down a stroller. As long as you are careful not to get any water in the upholstery or electronics of your stroller, you can hose off dirt and mud with a garden hose. If you want to wash the fabric on your stroller, make sure the temperature of the water is not too hot. You don’t want to melt any plastic parts or damage any soft materials like padding or fabric. However, the best thing to do is to check the instructions for your particular stroller.

Can I Put Stroller Fabric in Washing Machine?

Yes, the stroller fabric can be removed and washed in a machine. The fabric on a stroller is usually made of nylon or polyester. These materials tend to get dirty easily. They also stain easily with blood, food, and other liquids. A good way to clean the fabric on your stroller is to wash it in a washing machine with cold water and mild detergent. You should not use any bleach or fabric softener when washing your stroller because these chemicals will damage the material.

Final Note

That’s it, You have successfully cleaned your Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller. By following these simple steps, you can help keep your stroller looking new and in great condition as well.

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