What Would You Do If A Baby Falls Out Of Its Stroller?

A baby falling out of a stroller is a terrifying experience for any parent. It’s not even uncommon, as thousands of such falls are reported in the U.S. each year. But how can you tell if your child has been seriously injured from such an incident?

Can A Baby Be Okay After A Fall?

If the baby falls out of the stroller and is not injured, then your baby is most likely okay. The baby can continue to play as usual. If the baby is hurt after falling out of a stroller, you should immediately take them to the doctor. There are things you can do to prevent this from happening again. One such is ensuring your child’s seat belt is securely fastened before hitting the road.

What Would You Do If A Baby Falls Out Of Its Stroller?

When a baby falls, the first thing you need to do is not panic. While your motherly instinct can kick in for you to scream, staying calm might help you to handle the situation much better. Here are what you should do when a baby falls out of a stroller:

Closely examine the child for 24 hours

Once you have secured the baby, closely examine the child for 24 hours. Look for any signs of unease, such as difficulty breathing or crying. If there are any signs of distress, try to remain calm and assess whether there is an immediate need to call a doctor or emergency services.

You should do this regardless of how the infant landed or if it was accidental and not your fault. Your health and well-being can become compromised if you fall into a state of panic over what happened. The important thing is that now that you’ve got the baby safe from harm, take a deep breath and focus on making sure he’s OK before doing anything else!

Check for bruises

As you examine the baby’s body, look for bruises on the head, face, and body. These can be caused by impact or by bleeding under the skin. Bruises are common in babies but can also be a sign of serious injury.

If you see any bruises, ask yourself:

  • Is this bruise an old one? If so, how long has it been present?
  • Does it appear to have come from impact with something during the fall? Or is there another explanation that makes more sense, such as a skin infection?

Bruises on their own are not always severe; however, if you suspect your child may have sustained an underlying injury during their recent fall, check with your doctor about what action should be taken next.

Check for injuries 

Always check for injuries. Even if you’re an expert at checking for bumps and bruises, it’s essential to handle a baby with care, especially if it has recently fallen out of a stroller. Injuries often vary and have different degrees of severity; however, here are some damages that are common to babies after a fall:


A concussion or mild traumatic brain injury is a type of trauma that causes the brain to bounce or twist against the skull. The impact can cause bruising, bleeding, and swelling in the brain. Concussions can happen when your child falls out of a stroller and hits their head hard enough on something solid.

If you suspect that your child has a concussion:

  • Keep them calm.
  • Don’t move them unless they are in danger of further injury.
  • Move any objects away from them, so they don’t hurt themselves when trying to get up after falling, such as sharp objects like knives and broken glass; heavy things like furniture, hot items such as irons or stoves.
  • Get medical attention to them as soon as possible.


A contusion is an injury to the soft tissues of the body. It usually occurs due to blunt force trauma, although it can also occur due to pressure or bruising.

Contusions are one of the most common injuries to babies when falling. And they are typically caused by being hit with something hard. Contusions usually heal within three weeks. Still, they can take up to 6 weeks, depending on their size and whether there is any underlying damage to other organs or muscles in the body.

Skull fracture

Skull fractures are a crack or break in the skull. They can occur when a baby falls out of a stroller, causing the child’s head to hit the ground. A skull fracture is often caused by high-impact force trauma, such as from falling from a height or having your baby’s head hit an object on impact.

If you suspect your child has suffered a skull fracture, you should seek medical attention immediately. Your doctor will do an examination and possibly order X-rays to determine if there is any damage to their brain tissue.

What Doctors Look For When You Bring In a Dropped Baby

When you bring your child to the hospital with head trauma, doctors will first consider whether the child has suffered a skull fracture. They’ll also check for signs of bleeding under the brain’s surface and swelling inside it, which can cause severe brain injury. A dropped baby may also have multiple broken bones from hitting the ground. A doctor who suspects that any of these conditions is present will order X-rays and other tests, such as CT scans, to learn more about how much damage has been done to their little body.

Can I Treat My Baby’s Head Bump At Home?

No, you should not treat your baby’s head bump at home. You can’t tell how bad it is, and there may be other injuries you don’t know about. The best thing to do is take your baby to the doctor or hospital so they can examine the bump and make sure that everything else is okay.

How Do I Prevent My Baby From Falling In A Stroller?

To prevent your baby from falling out of the stroller, ensure it is locked properly. You should also use a harness or strap to keep the child in place and provide adequate protection for the baby. To prevent slipping out of the stroller while in motion, ensure that you are in control of the speed at all times. Also, be sure not to leave your child unattended while they’re inside their stroller. This can put them at risk of becoming trapped under its wheels or being hit by another vehicle if they fall.


In conclusion, knowing babies can be okay after a fall is essential. Falls may cause some injuries but are usually not severe or life-threatening. The more serious the injury, the worse the prognosis. Injuries sustained in a fall can range from minor to severe.

If your baby falls from a stroller and hits its head on a hard surface, they are likely to sustain a concussion, bruising, broken bone, and possible skull fracture. In such instances, call 911 immediately and get medical attention for them as soon as possible.

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