How To Use Baby Jogger Stroller Seat As Car Seat For Infant

Are you searching for a single solution to use your baby jogger stroller comfortably and safely? Here is the correct information on using the baby jogger stroller seat as a car seat.

There are many reasons why parents want to convert their stroller into a car seat. It may be because they have another child that needs to travel in the exact vehicle, or it’s easier for them. Whatever the reason, this article will teach you everything you need to know about converting your Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller into an infant car seat.

How to Use Baby Jogger Stroller Seat as Car Seat for Infant

Using the Baby Jogger Stroller Seat as a car seat for an infant is an excellent option for parents who have both a stroller and a car but don’t want to buy two separate seats for their baby. It also comes in handy if you plan to take your child out of the car while they are still not yet sitting in the car seat.

Simply put, if your baby can sit up unassisted and has reasonable head control (the ability to hold their head up without support), they are ready to use this as their primary seat.

Unzip the canopy and remove it from the stroller

To begin, unzip the canopy and remove it from the stroller. Locate the fabric clips on both sides of the stroller, then lift and remove the flexible tarp from the parent tray. Lift and remove the footrest fabric at the front of the stroller, and reach under the car seat base to release the buckle at the left side of the car seat base.

At the right-hand side of the baby jogger stroller seat, lift, and remove the plastic cover on top of the suspension bar at the front side of the baby jogger stroller seat. Lift and remove the flexible tarp from the parent tray. Remove the buckle strap by lifting it, then sliding it out of its slot on either side of the seatback.

Reach under the seat to release the buckle on the straps

To use a Baby Jogger stroller as a car seat, you’ll need to reach under the seat to release the buckle on your baby’s straps. To do this, locate the clip on your baby’s straps and its release button on the back of one of them, then squeeze it until you hear or feel it click into place.

Lift the carrying handle to remove

With the car seat carrier attached to the jogger stroller, lift the carrying handle to remove it from the jogger stroller. You’ll need to use both hands for this. The car seat carrier is easy to remove from your jogger stroller and lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it around when not in use.

You can also use this car seat carrier with other types of strollers—make sure they’re compatible with a Baby Jogger City Select LUX/Grand City Select LUX infant car seat (the one included with your purchase).

Install a rear-facing car seat base in the backseat of your vehicle

After you remove the car seat from your stroller, you need to install it in your car. You need to install the car seat in the back seat of your vehicle. However, make sure that the car seat is positioned so your newborn will be facing toward the rear of your car, and place the base in the back seat, never in the front.

Position the seat so that it’s semi-reclined

The car seat should be reclined enough, so the baby’s head does not flop. Adjust the seat until it is at the correct angle by pushing down on one of its sides and rotating it forward or backward until you hear a click. Ensure the seat keeps your baby at an angle that provides plenty of room for his legs to move freely beneath him if necessary.

Most babies will need to use this type of base since they have yet to develop the ability to sit up unsupported. Some seats also have color indicators that appear green or blue when correctly installed and red or yellow if improperly installed. Consult your manufacturer’s manual for details on correctly interpreting these indicators.

Gently place your baby into the car seat

With your newborn lying on their back, place them in the car seat with their head facing the rear of the car. Holding your newborn with one hand under her bottom and another supporting her head and neck, gently place her into the car seat, so she is centered between straps. You should lift slightly on one or both sides of her body so that she settles into place properly.

Use the straps correctly 

Make sure that once you have positioned your baby in their car seat, the crotch strap is just below their hip bones and covers them entirely across their pelvis area with no gaps around their thighs or waist area. The buckle should be facing down toward their knees. The straps should be snug against your child’s shoulders without being too tight; if they are too loose, they may slip out of place while driving, which could cause injury during an accident.

  • Fasten the buckles across your newborn’s chest and between their legs.
  • The straps should be tight enough, as it may affect their comfort level or make them uncomfortable in the car seat. You may need to adjust the straps as your baby grows.
  • Slide the chest buckle up so that it is going across the center of your newborn’s chest, not over their belly or neck. Then, click the ends together to secure the buckle.
  • Make sure the straps are not twisted and the clips are facing forward before you connect them.


The baby jogger stroller seat as a car seat is an excellent idea for parents who want to take their child out on excursions or even just around town. It can be considered one of the best inventions ever made by man. All these products have been designed keeping in mind the safety of babies and toddlers who still cannot sit independently without support. They must get support while they are still learning how to sit correctly.

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