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Finding the best bottle sterilizer is imperative. Who wants to be feeding on stuff laden with germs and bacteria? Nobody of course and certainly not your baby! Even though putting anything they can get their hands on inside their mouths is part of your child’s day’s work, as Moms, you should be making sure that it won’t make them susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Moms should be keeping baby bottles squeaky clean and free from harmful elements; it should be a top priority. That’s the purpose of the best bottle sterilizer. Otherwise, the invisible mess lying in every corner of a baby bottle will be wreaking havoc on your child’s health. You wouldn’t like sending your little angel down hospital emergency rooms, would you?

​The Moment I Realized that Best Bottle Sterilizers are Not Luxurious Gimmicks

As a first time mom, I thought that the best bottle sterilizer is an expensive commodity. On top of working and paying for house bills and baby bills, I couldn’t afford the luxury. After all, I can just be ingenious and substitute it with a pot of boiling water, and it works the same way, right? Nope. I was wrong.

Sterilizing through boiling is tacky. You can never be sure how much germs can die and how long you can keep the baby bottles sterile.

My best friend Susan who has a daughter the same age as my son frequented hospitals. The incident bugged me because she breastfeeds as much as I do and breastfed babies are supposed to have stronger immune systems as opposed to those who don’t.

Her little Becky, however, had a series of diarrhea and at first, we thought it was only because she was teething. One night, however, she had a high fever and was vomiting on a level that was alarming. The doctors said little Becky has food poisoning.

Can you guess where little Becky acquired the bacteria that poisoned her? From dirty and improperly sterilized baby bottles.

It turns out boiling baby bottles does not entirely remove the bacteria and germs that are lurking on hard to reach spots. There is a specific time, and a particular boiling point to factor to eliminate germs and bacteria. Sometimes, our busy schedules and our lack of energy, because we’re full-time working moms, make us miss these things.

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to get a little bit of help? Since little Becky’s incident, I learned that I could get help from the best bottle sterilizer to ensure my baby’s optimal health.

​Why Sterilizing Baby Bottles Is Really Important

Since little Becky, I was keen on properly sterilizing my son’s bottles, teats, and even the little tools I use to keep them clean. I realized that whether or not I used my son’s baby bottles for storing my breast milk, it is crucial that sterilizing them with the best bottle sterilizer is now part of my son’s feeding routine. The number one reason why baby bottles and teats need sterilization is that our baby’s immune system is still developing. Their immune system is not as strong as ours and cleanliness are top priority. The best bottle sterilizer can help babies build a healthy immune system. All of your baby’s feeding equipment should be kept clean and sterile at all times to reduce the risk of exposing them to infections. Non-sterilized bottles and other baby feeding utensils are playgrounds for many germs and bacteria, and they will stay there until they are rid of. Here are some of the known harms lurking inside your baby’s uncleaned baby bottles:

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