Super Moms Need The Best Bottle Sterilizer For Baby’s Safety

February 11, 2017
Best Bottle Sterilizer

Finding the best bottle sterilizer is imperative. Who wants to be feeding on stuff laden with germs and bacteria? Nobody of course and certainly not your baby! Even though putting anything they can get their hands on inside their mouths is part of your child's day's work, as Moms, you should be making sure that it won't make them susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Moms should be keeping baby bottles squeaky clean and free from harmful elements; it should be a top priority. That's the purpose of the best bottle sterilizer. Otherwise, the invisible mess lying in every corner of a baby bottle will be wreaking havoc on your child's health. You wouldn't like sending your little angel down hospital emergency rooms, would you?

​The Moment I Realized that Best Bottle Sterilizers are Not Luxurious Gimmicks

As a first time mom, I thought that the best bottle sterilizer is an expensive commodity. On top of working and paying for house bills and baby bills, I couldn't afford the luxury. After all, I can just be ingenious and substitute it with a pot of boiling water, and it works the same way, right? Nope. I was wrong.


Sterilizing through boiling is tacky. You can never be sure how much germs can die and how long you can keep the baby bottles sterile.

My best friend Susan who has a daughter the same age as my son frequented hospitals. The incident bugged me because she breastfeeds as much as I do and breastfed babies are supposed to have stronger immune systems as opposed to those who don't.

Her little Becky, however, had a series of diarrhea and at first, we thought it was only because she was teething. One night, however, she had a high fever and was vomiting on a level that was alarming. The doctors said little Becky has food poisoning.

Can you guess where little Becky acquired the bacteria that poisoned her? From dirty and improperly sterilized baby bottles.

It turns out boiling baby bottles does not entirely remove the bacteria and germs that are lurking on hard to reach spots. There is a specific time, and a particular boiling point to factor to eliminate germs and bacteria. Sometimes, our busy schedules and our lack of energy, because we're full-time working moms, make us miss these things.


Wouldn't it just be wonderful to get a little bit of help? Since little Becky's incident, I learned that I could get help from the best bottle sterilizer to ensure my baby's optimal health.

​Why Sterilizing Baby Bottles Is Really Important

Since little Becky, I was keen on properly sterilizing my son's bottles, teats, and even the little tools I use to keep them clean. I realized that whether or not I used my son's baby bottles for storing my breast milk, it is crucial that sterilizing them with the best bottle sterilizer is now part of my son's feeding routine.

The number one reason why baby bottles and teats need sterilization is that our baby's immune system is still developing. Their immune system is not as strong as ours and cleanliness are top priority.


The best bottle sterilizer can help babies build a healthy immune system. All of your baby's feeding equipment should be kept clean and sterile at all times to reduce the risk of exposing them to infections.

Non-sterilized bottles and other baby feeding utensils are playgrounds for many germs and bacteria, and they will stay there until they are rid of. Here are some of the known harms lurking inside your baby's uncleaned baby bottles:



According to the author of "Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control: A Global Perspective," Roger Webber, uncleaned baby bottles can cause gastroenteritis. It’s a viral infection of a human being’s intestine, and it can easily be passed on to your little one if you’re not careful enough.

It causes diarrhea, vomiting, and cramping and your little one can get it if an infected person's saliva reaches baby bottles. The bad news is this virus doesn’t have an effective treatment. In most cases it can be fatal especially for infants who have have severe dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea.

Hepatitis A.


The bacteria can survive on the surface for an extended period of time. If it gets in contact with your baby's bottle feeder, your child can be infected as well. The bad news is, Hepa A does not usually display symptoms.

You can't tell if your baby's liver is already infected with the bacteria because symptoms are only apparent on adults. Chronic or untreated Hepatitis A damages your baby’s liver. It may expose him or her to liver cancer, liver failure, or liver damage.

​Food poisoning.

Like little Becky, food poisoning can be derived from uncleaned baby bottles. Food poisoning happens because of exposure to several bacteria such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, Botulism, E. Coli, and Norovirus. If these bacteria touch any of your child feeders, your baby can suffer the same symptoms as Little Becky.


E coli bacterium in blood

What's more is if your child does not get treatment right away, it can cause long-term adverse effects on your baby's health such as paralysis, kidney problems, heart disease or it can claim your baby's life.

​Five Important Steps to Take Before Sterilizing

Before you start sterilizing with the best bottle sterilizer you can find, you must first wash the baby bottles, teats, and other baby feeding tools thoroughly. Put it all in a tub of warm water so that residues will wash away. Make sure to use a brush with real bristles.

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5

Rinse the detergent soap off. When it becomes squeaky to your touch, it only means the detergent soap has been completely washed off.


Three Effective Sterilization Methods

You can sterilize your baby’s feeding bottles by electric steam and microwave, which are very popular. If you prefer to go traditional, you can always opt for cold water or boiling. But I’ve tried boiling before. Not only does it speed up equipment breakage, but it’s also unreliable so I wouldn’t recommend it here.

Electric Steam

This method is quick and highly efficient. It will only take 8-12 minutes to sterilize a complete set of baby bottles including its teats, caps, and retaining rings.

What’s more is if you keep the lid closed, it can keep the feeding equipment sterilized for six hours. This is an example of an electric steam sterilizer. Tommee Tippee is one of the providers of the best bottle sterilizers.


It only takes 90 seconds for a single baby bottle to be fully sterilized inside the microwave. It will be kept cleaned for three hours with the lid closed. The best benefit from this sterilizing method is it leaves no trace of the scent and taste of formula or breast milk.

Cold Water

This only works with a tablet form sterilizing solution dissolved in cold water. The solution can kill bacteria very effectively, and it keeps baby bottles sterilized for as long as 24 hours. You just have to make sure that the container you use has a lid and the container is not made of plastic. Moreover, you can’t re-use the same container for sterilizing again.

If you don’t like the hassles of cold water sterilizing, there is a broad range of electric steam sterilizers and microwave sterilizers available in the market today.

​The Factors I Considered Before Buying The Best Bottle Sterilizer

Now that I’ve established the importance of the best bottle sterilizer you already have a grasp that it is a unit that helps keep your baby bottles and other feeding accessories clean in a quick and easy manner.



I remember asking myself, “What’s a good size for sterilizer?” I did my research and learned that the best bottle sterilizer varies in capacity. The best bottle sterilizer can accommodate eight bottles at a time including all the trinkets that come in it, while some can only accommodate two.

Please keep in mind that baby bottles need a lot of space and if you’re looking for efficiency in time and energy, as well as function, you might need a bigger bottle sterilizer that can keep the baby feeding equipment in top healthy shape all at the same time.


If you’re a working and breastfeeding mom like me, it’s better to partner with the best bottle sterilizer because it can keep your baby bottle sterilized for longer periods of time. It’s also wise to consider the performance of the best bottle sterilizer unit. Can it clean the baby feeding paraphernalia in a short amount of time?


As I’ve mentioned earlier, my prejudice about the best bottle sterilizer is that it’s luxurious, meaning expensive. Sure a single working unit can save you a lot of time and energy.

It can also save you from worrying about your baby getting contaminated from viruses and bacteria. But money is an important factor to consider especially when your finances barely reach the surface of the water.

The truth is it’s worth the buck. Every single penny I spent for the best bottle sterilizer I have right now was worth it.

Eventually, I went for the one with high-quality because as I calculated, it will save me an enormous amount of time, energy, worry, and money from making trips down hospital emergency rooms. Plus I don’t want my son to suffer any long term illness from bacteria or germs I can prevent with the best bottle sterilizer.

​Here Are Some Of The Best Bottle Sterilizers In The Market Today



This baby bottle sterilizer by Philips AVENT claims that it can kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria commonly found inside any baby feeding equipment. And that’s without a use of any chemicals.

In under six minutes, you can guarantee that your child’s bottles along with its teats, caps and rings, and even some of your breast pump paraphernalia can be sterilized and remain sterilized for 24 hours if the lid is unopened.

It’s very easy to use and delivers efficient results, which is perfect for busy moms who have a lot of stuff to take care.

​The versatility of Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer regarding sizes is on full display here.


  • Adjustable and can be customized to suit your needs.
  • It has auto shutoff after six-minute sterilization.
  • Unit comes with two-year warranty, a long enough time until your little tyke develops a stronger immune system.
  • It takes up less kitchen space.
  • The basket can accommodate wide and narrow-necked bottles.


  • Comes only in 120 V, which means you have to buy a transformer for it to work correctly.
  • The maximum wattage information is missing and Philips customer care doesn’t have it.
  • Calcium and mineral deposits from water, sugar, milk, or formula sit at the bottom and is commonly mistaken as rust.


Another one from Philips AVENT – this unit is not only a bottle sterilizer; it also has a newborn starter set. That means, not only are you getting a microwave steam sterilizer, you will also get five BPA-free Classic+ bottles, a silicone pacifier, a milk powder dispenser, a trainer handler, a soft spout, and a curved cleaning brush.

This is very ideal for moms who are always on the go with their newborn. As it operates in really temperature, it can kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria in two minutes.

Moreover, the sterilizer can accommodate four 9-ounce bottles at a time. Easier sterilization is also guaranteed because of the stay-cool safety grips.

This product is ideal as gifts for moms-to-be too.​


  • Effective germ and bacteria clean-up without the use of chemicals.
  • It has automatic shutoff for speed and safety.
  • Contents can be kept sterile for 24 hours, lid on.
  • At full capacity, the bottle sterilizer can accommodate six AVENT bottles.
  • Made from BPA-free materials.


  • Unit rusted after few usages.
  • Rust causes rusty smell on baby bottles.
  • Since it uses high temperature, the water evaporates under six minutes and causes a burning plastic smell.
  • Can melt bottles even when it’s filled with water, but only in isolated cases.


This Tommee Tippee product is easy to use with just one press of a button. It can sterilize six bottles in five minutes and comes from BPA and phthalate free materials. It’s a chemical free sterilizing system that kills 99.9 percent of germs to help keep guarantee your little one’s health.

In less than eight minutes, the unit heats up, sterilizes, and cools down to ensure safety handling. With the lid on, it can keep your baby bottles and other baby feeding equipment sterile for a day.

​It’s hard to miss that button right there, which makes sterilizing with this sterilizer a good experience.


  • Uniquely designed to have fewer parts and be a space saver.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • The lid can also be used as bottle prep surface.
  • It has a worry free system that eliminates detergent chemicals and dishwasher residue.
  • Also works well with other baby bottle brands.


  • Can only accommodate baby bottles that are less than 12 ounces in size.
  • Top shelf doesn’t level; it wobbles.
  • It can’t accommodate wide-mouth bottles.
  • The unit gets dirty easily and defeats the purpose of sterilizing baby feeding equipment.
  • It doesn’t have drying options which leaves watermarks and makes the bottles look dirty.


This product is plastic, but capable of cleaning four of your Dr, Brown’s baby bottles in and out and can kill harmful bacteria and germs thoroughly. It comes with an easy to remove tray that can hold four wide-mouthed bottles. It also has a pair of plastic tongs. It’s 100 percent BPA free.

​You can fit as many baby bottles inside; the problem is the time you have to spend doing so.


  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Ultimate space saver.
  • Can accommodate six or seven bottles and some breast pumps inside.
  • It fits in a small 1000 watt microwave.
  • It sterilizes in less than 10 minutes.
  • Can function with tap water.
  • It does wonderful sterilizing job in one sitting.


  • It feels like a game of Tetris trying to fit eight-ounce bottles inside.
  • Not compatible for people who live in tiny apartments.
  • Bottles lose shine after few usages with this microwave sterilizer.
  • Sometimes, the bottles smell like burnt plastic after usage.


This microwave sterilizer from Munchkin guarantees 99.9 percent common bacteria wipe off in two minutes. It’s lightweight and has heat-resistant handles. There’s also an open-away latch feature that prevents moms and dads from getting steam burns.

It can hold up to four bottles and two breast pumps per sterilizing round. Moreover, it can work in standard microwaves. It’s of BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Latex, and Nitrosamine free materials.

​With its sleek design, it can fit in any microwave and in any cupboard.


  • Can accommodate other baby bottle brands.
  • Can be used in over a year.
  • It fits into any microwave easily.
  • It doesn’t occupy too much space in the cupboard.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, and comes with a brush.
  • It’s cheap and very versatile


  • The handle and top do not stay well so be careful when taking it out from the microwave.
  • Condensation in the lid leaks as there’s no lip that keeps it together.
  • Not safe for people who are afraid of heat and can’t get around the fact that everything that comes out from the microwave is generally hot.


With this product, Philips AVEN once again proves that why they’ve been the leading manufacturer of best bottle sterilizers for many years. After 2 minutes of warming up, it can kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs.

This pureness then remains for 24 hours if the lid keeps closing. Additionally, the sterilizer is very versatile since it fits perfectly with various bottles (including all Philips AVENT bottles) and breast pump parts.


  • Watt ranges are clearly stated (1100-1850W in 2 minutes, 850-1100W in 4 minutes, and 500-850W in 6 minutes).
  • Supports different sizes of bottles, including four 9-oz and two 11-oz bottles.
  • The interior rack allows extra storage, including two 4-oz breast pumps and four 8-oz cups.
  • Highly compact and fit well in almost every microwave ovens.
  • Made of sturdy BPA-free plastic.


  • As removing the sterilizer from the oven, the handling component is a little bit difficult to grasp.
  • As opening the lid, the steam is released a lot. So, take your face away from it.
  • The bottle’s bottom changes colors in spite of regular cleaning.


In general, each above bottle sterilizer has its own advantages and disadvantages. But all of them are high quality and worth to be on our list of best bottle sterilizers. They all meet, and some exceed FDA standards. Your choice depends on your taste and preference.

To sum up, if you’re planning for a budget product, I would suggest picking up the Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer or Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer. They both have affordable prices but consists of great features, such as effective germ killing, BPA-free, dishwasher safety or ample storage.

On the other hand, Philips AVENT Classic Plus Newborn Starter Set and 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer are for high-grade customers who desire a product that is not only high-quality but also comes with useful accessories, including a formula dispenser, a pacifier, and a bottle brush.

Besides, Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer and Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer are prominent products that I rate 4.5/5 stars.

Personally, I love Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer for both reasons. Firstly, it’s truly outstanding with the ability to kill up 99% of germs, supporting various bottle sizes, and having a large capacity. Secondly, it’s affordable, not as expensive as a high-grade product but possesses the same quality.

Here’s My 30-Second Wrap Up

  • Finding the best bottle sterilizer will help you with your baby woes. If you want to keep your infant safe from germs and bacteria illnesses such as Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, Food Poisoning, and the likes, you have to keep your baby bottles and other baby feeding equipment sterilized.
  • There are several steps to follow before sterilizing and it includes thorough washing in hot water, thorough rinsing, and thorough inspection for breakage.
  • There are three types of sterilizing methods: electric steam, microwave steam, and cold water. Boiling is not recommended by this mom.
  • Buying the best bottle sterilizer is not a luxury; it’s a necessity if you factor in the size, the efficiency, and all the added benefits that come with it.
  • The best bottle sterilizer for your needs is out there. One brand may be more appealing than the other. Just make sure you choose the one that fits your needs.

So what do you think, super mom? Do you need more reasons to get the best bottle sterilizer now? Let me know and hit the comments below. If you found this article helpful, share it with new moms who you think need every extra help they can get.

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