are babies born with eyelashes

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous, round baby face with long, beautiful eyelashes to make your heart melt. We place a high value on eyelashes. They protect our eyes from extraneous objects and enhance our inherent beauty.

The eyelashes of babies are as crucial, but they may not be apparent at first. Many people are concerned that do newborns have eyelashes. However, research shows that every part of the baby develops while in the womb. Eyelashes are no different. Instead, you’ll have to wait for them to mature.

Many parents, particularly those with daughters, are excitedly awaiting their newborn’s long, gorgeous eyelashes.

Don’t worry, follow our article below to find the answer to the question “Are babies born with eyelashes?” and discover more interesting facts about baby eyelashes.

When the baby’s eyelashes begin to grow

When babies are about 20 weeks old, they begin to grow their eyelashes and eyebrows in the womb.

The procedure will begin with the appearance of fine hair that is normally difficult to notice. As the baby grows, the color of their hair, particularly their eyelashes, changes from light to dark.

As a result, some newborns will have light eyelashes that are difficult to see just after delivery. Some babies, on the other hand, are born with well-defined eyelashes that are simple to spot.

It’s also worth noting that some newborns are born with no hair or, in certain cases, no eyelashes.

In such circumstances, the mother’s hormones may affect the infant, causing their eyelashes to grow more slowly. This does not imply that the child will not develop eyelashes.

You may be wondering when do newborns’ eyelashes grow to full length if your kid is born with no or extremely fine eyelashes. By 1-2 months of age, a healthy baby’s eyelashes will begin to grow. Following the human eyelash growth cycle, most babies’ eyelashes will attain full length in a few months.

It’s possible that some premature newborns will be born without eyelashes.

When a kid is delivered at 30 weeks, for example, they may not have had the opportunity to grow eyelashes as long as other babies.

Instead of comparing a premature baby to other babies their age who have had a normal delivery process, it’s crucial to give them some time to catch up.

For example, some babies take a long time to develop prominent eyelashes, while others may go months without them.

Furthermore, different babies take varying amounts of time to develop prominent eyelashes.

Will your baby’s eyelashes fall out?

The lashes on your baby’s eyes will fall out. Adult eyelashes will fall out as well. Our eyelashes have a three-phase lifetime that lasts anywhere from four to eleven months. That means some newborns will lose their eyelashes more quickly than others, and other babies will grow their eyelashes faster as well.

Your baby’s eyelashes will fall out, and you shouldn’t be concerned. The only exception is if your baby’s eyelashes are completely falling out and creating bald spots on one or both eyes; in this case, you should take him or her to a professional because there are recognized causes that can be addressed.

It’s natural for your baby to pull out her own eyelashes as a self-soothing behavior, comparable to sucking her thumb, but it should fade away after a few months. Just make sure she doesn’t eat the eyelash because it’s inedible.

Do the newborn’s eyelashes stop growing?

As previously stated, newborns’ eyelashes grow in the same manner as adult eyelashes. As long as there is no underlying ailment that prevents hair growth, their eyelashes will continue to grow.

Seek medical help if your baby’s eyelashes stop developing and fall out. Otherwise, they will reach a particular length and then stop growing.

How to keep your baby’s lashes safe

1. Avoid using eyelash growth products

You should not be concerned as a parent if your child’s eyelashes take longer to appear. If they’re already visible but you want them to be fuller or longer, be cautious about using products that claim to help them grow faster.

2. Keep away from sources of fire and fragile objects

Injury-related trauma can also alter your baby’s eyelashes. It’s better if you keep them safe from burns, which can permanently harm their brows and eyelashes.

Always keep an eye on the infant because they like to grab items and can be attracted to things like burning candles.

3. Keep your baby healthy

Genetics and excellent health are the most important elements in eyelash growth. If your family has thick, beautiful lashes, the newborn will most likely have them as well.

For the first six months, make sure the baby is only fed breast milk or formula. This will benefit the baby’s health. The eyelashes will develop naturally if they are healthy.

If you’re going somewhere dusty, you can give the baby goggles to protect their eyes.

4. Maintain a clean environment

The purpose of eyelashes is to protect the eye. They keep dust and grime from entering your eyes. As a result, if your baby doesn’t have newborn eyelashes yet, you should be particularly cautious.

When dusting, cleaning, or conducting other tasks that will result in minute particles, such as dust, being flung into the air, move them to a different room.

5. Do Not Cut Newborn Eyelashes

A popular belief is that cutting eyelashes will make them grow longer. As a result, some moms are debating whether or not to trim their newborns’ eyelashes to encourage them to grow longer and thicker.

This is due to the fact that it is suggested that you trim your hair to help it grow longer and thicker. Dead ends develop in the hair on your head over time, and they must be trimmed off.

Dead ends do not need to be clipped off of eyelashes in order for them to grow into healthy, long lashes. Mothers can cut their newborns’ eyelids or poke them in the eye unintentionally.

Final thoughts

Even though eyelashes are really vital, and long, luscious lashes on a baby are the most beautiful thing in the world, don’t be concerned if your child’s lashes don’t grow quickly. Maintain a calm demeanor while waiting for your baby’s eyelashes to grow.

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