What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean And How To Make It Right?

May 7, 2017
What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

The Common Story

You are living a fulfilling, happy life, and then one beautiful morning, you are suddenly hit with waves of nausea and queasiness. You become unusually sensitive to even the lightest smell, and your favorite omelette suddenly tastes horrible. And all you think about all day is to take a long undisturbed nap.

What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

This is a typical story of any pregnant woman. When I experienced similar symptoms, I decided to take an over-the-counter pregnancy test to see whether I was pregnant or just being paranoid, and I was told that two lines on a pregnancy test would be a positive indicator of pregnancy, but is that all to it?

What is a Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test is arguably one of the fastest and most reliable tests to confirm your pregnancy, but interpreting the test results can be pretty confusing for many women. What does two lines on a pregnancy test mean? Of course, everybody knows two lines mean “positive,” but that’s not always the case.

The uncertainty of a pregnancy test can be substantially stressful for everybody involved, especially for those who are desperate to conceive. This post will help you decode the pregnancy test result so that you will be able to embrace one of the most exciting chapters of your life.

How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

Taking a pregnancy test is usually assumed to be an easy task, but it can lead to false results if not taken properly. In fact, not many people know the right way to take a pregnancy test. I had a hard time choosing a pregnancy test among a maze of options and couldn’t tell if my test worked on my first try.

What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

A common type of pregnancy test

A pregnancy test works by detecting the hCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) hormone in your blood or urine. When the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus, your body will release the hCG hormone into the bloodstream. It will be reflected by the lines on the test, so what does two lines on a pregnancy test mean?

​There are many types of pregnancy tests for you to choose from depending on your budget. You can opt for a homemade test, a traditional pregnancy test with lines on it or a digital one which is more expensive. The most common one is the traditional test due to its affordable price and equally high accuracy.

What is the Right Way to Take a Pregnancy Test?

What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

For the test to yield the most accurate result, you should do the test in the morning one week after your missed period. Your first urine in the morning is highly recommended for all of your pregnancy tests. Consider taking several tests at one try to compare the results.

Each pregnancy test kit will come with the manufacturer’s instruction for you to follow. After you have faithfully followed the instruction, you will usually need to wait for a couple of minutes to check the result. And this is where the hard part begins.

How to Interpret the Result of a Pregnancy Test

What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

​For a lot of women, the craziest part of the popular pregnancy test is cracking the message of the test result. Why is there always one line? What does two lines on a pregnancy test mean? What do faint lines mean?

What you should know upfront about any pregnancy test is that there is always at least one line of the test result to show that the test works. Therefore, if you do not see any line at all after dipping the stick in your urine and wait, either there’s something wrong with the test, or you have not followed all the steps correctly.

After the first line appears, you can rest assured that the test is working. And if the second line appears as well as a strong line, congratulations, you are going to be a new mom. If there’s no second line, you are unlikely to be pregnant.

What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

Positive and negative pregnancy tests

However, things are not always that simple. Many women see a faint red line on the test result and conclude that they are not pregnant. Two lines usually indicate a positive result, but if the second line is light and faint, how do you tell if you are pregnant?

If the second line is faint or light red but highly visible, you are still likely to be pregnant. You should ask other people to see whether they can notice the second line. If the second line is too vague or almost invisible, it is probably the evaporation line which is formed by the drying and evaporating off your urine.

The evaporation line usually occurs when you wait for the excessive amount of time. So, how can you differentiate between a normal line and an evaporation line? It depends on the time you spend on waiting. If you wait for the right time allowed for the result to show up, the second line, no matter how faint, is valid.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have provided you with a satisfactory answer to the question “What does two lines on a pregnancy test mean?” A standard pregnancy test is both a reliable and hassle-free way to check whether you are pregnant. However, if you are still unsure or concerned about your condition, you are encouraged to check with your physician.

If you are feeling uncomfortable taking a pregnancy test at home, there are alternatives for you to consider. Remember that every person is different, and don’t be too hard on yourself if your test result is negative. If your test is positive, don’t forget to see your doctor to check your next important steps.

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