How To Get Pregnant With Twins And The Factors You Need To Considered

January 31, 2017

There are parents who dream of having twins. Some believe it is a sign of luck, some parent says it is quite challenging, others says they like their children to be as close as a twin so it would be better if they have one and others have no reasons at all, they just like to have twins as their children. Well instead of knowing why, I’d rather say why not?

The question here is how to get pregnant with twins? Believe it or not, it is achievable. However, there are factors a couple might consider first before having twins. It is not as easy as some magic tricks and it is not just a one day process to achieve it. This is a kind of decision which life really matters.

Meaning of Twins, Type of Twins and The Statistic Has To Say

First, before trying to have twins, you should know what you are getting. Twins are either two offspring produced at a birth or were born at the same time. there are two types of twins, identical (monozygotic) and fraternal (dizygotic).

how to get pregnant with twins

The first type of twin is Monozygotic or commonly called identical twin which means two individuals that are exactly alike because it came from one fertilized egg (ovum) splits into two. The other type of twin is the dizygotic or fraternal means, babies inside the womb develop separately from fertilized ova coming from two different sperm cell, thus the reason they are not exactly alike.

When it comes to statistics, 3% of women has a chance to conceive twins but this chance decreases when the women age above 40 years old. Base on study Asian women has a lower chance compared to African moms. Though identical twins can happen to any moms. Fraternal twin usually happens to those who have twins on the maternal side.

Factors To Consider Before Having A Twin.

You now know the definition and types of twins, but it does not end by knowing those. There are circumstances of having a twin and as a hopeful parent, you need to be fully ready. Here are the factors that you might take into consideration.

Age of Conceiving Mother

Perfect age to conceive twins is around 30 to 40 years of age. According to study at this age of women they have estrogen, this is the sex hormones for women, if that’s the case ovaries tend to release more than one egg at a time.

The Health of Conceiving Mother

 One of the most important factors is health. You don’t want to have a difficulty when conceiving a twin, you need to double up the nutrition not just for yourself but also for the two babies inside the womb.

Every mother wants to have a healthy pregnancy. Seeking for a nutritionist advice can be helpful and highly recommended for this kind of situation.

Emotionally Ready As A Parent

Taking care of a baby is not an easy task since you want a twin, imagine to double the trouble. From changing diapers until you send them to school. You will take a big step as a responsible parent.

It Should Be A Firm Decision

 Wanting a twin is not kind of a decision that you can change if you want to. Life of two babies are at stake and this kind of move is no turning back. Getting expert advice sometimes is recommendable. Family counseling is also a great help to make sure wanting a twin is a right thing for you.

It Must Be A Unanimous Family Decision

Every single family member should know that you as a couple would like to conceived twin.

I remembered when I and my husband decided to go for another baby we talked to our little boy that we want him to have a sibling and brief him on the little responsibilities that he might encounter.

Knowing that everyone agreed on what you have decided would make you happier and make you more eager to achieve your goal.

Different Ways On How To Get Pregnant With Twins.

There is a medical and natural way on how to get pregnant with twins. Thus are the medical process and the natural way.

How To Get Pregnant With Twins Using Medical Process

​Though there is no surefire method, either way, the medical process is more of assured way than the natural one. However taking this method has its own circumstances. Getting an advice and suggestion from doctors might be needed before taking this step

#1. Using IVR or In Vitro

how to get pregnant with twins

IVR or In Vitro

If you want to be sure about having twins, this is the most recommended way. According to a Southern Californian, Michael A. Feinman, MD, says some couples strongly want to transfer two embryos or actually desire twins. "Some couples think twins are 'cute,' because they do not see the ones who experience the problems of prematurity or see how difficult it is for parents to handle them.”

This is the process which they called “assisted reproduction”. A specialist will get a perfect match of an egg cell and two sperm cells and let it fertilized. It may sound an easy process but it is not.

There are many risks involved using In vitro. This is also expensive and not usually covered by medical insurance. Lots of study needs to be considered first before it will be successfully achieved.

#2. Using Fertility Drugs

This is inexpensive compared to in vitro method but not as a surefire as the first process mentioned above. However, there’s a lot of proof that taking fertility drugs have at least it chances of having twins.

My sister in law is dreaming of having twins, she was 35 then. She believes that she might have a hard time giving birth and she would like more than one child, they decided to go for a twin just in case she might a hard time to deliver a baby. It’s like two birds in one shot. What she did then is research, seek for expert advice and took fertility drugs, which worked for her.

Fertility drugs like Clomiphene trig your body into a perception that you do not have estrogen making your body to produce another hormone to help your follicles develops and mature, this extra stimulation makes the body results producing more egg cell which will be a high possibility for you to conceive twins.

How To Get Pregnant With Twins Using Natural Way

The natural process is the safest way for you to conceived twins, however, the chances are lower compare to medical process. If you want to have twins without taking any drugs or expensive method, the natural way is the one for you.

#1. It Runs In The Blood

how to get pregnant with twins

You have a high chance if you and your partner both have twins on their family. Base on the record, you have 80%chance having twin if you have a twin in your family but that chance decreases if you have more than 4 children already. Knowing your family’s background and your partner family’s history is not a bad thing at all.

#2. Sex Positions

how to get pregnant with twins

I have read an article that sexual intercourse in a particular way has something to do when conceiving twins Though there is no strong proof and study about this, some couple wanting twin still follow this theory. They believe following such idea is harmless so they want to give it a try anyway.

#3. Intake of Folic Acid

how to get pregnant with twins

You better start taking food supplements with folic acid. There is a study that increasing folate will get you into 40% chance to have twins. Folic acid supplements are easy to grab nowadays which you can definitely take advantage with.

#4. Take Vitamins Daily And Start To Gain Weight


You will have a hard time conceiving a baby, especially twins. You will have a difficulty conceiving twins if your body is underweight and without enough nutrition.

Daily intake of vitamins is a must to make sure your body is complete with vitamins it is needed. Gaining weight is a must as well, base on the study there are few chances of conceiving twins if you are a bit underweight.

#5. Start Eating Dairy Products

how to get pregnant with twins

There are studies by leading fertility specialists that intake of dairy foods may increase you chance getting pregnant with twins.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF), which is produced in the livers of cows, has something to do in increasing sex hormones of women while others stated that drinking dairy milk treated by rBGH hormones has something to do with women to have twins.


There is nothing wrong aiming for your baby to be a boy, girl or in this case to be a twin. Baby is always a blessing no matter what. The methods that are mentioned above might be or might not be suitable for you. Let me remind you, those are just guides for you to enhance a chance of you having twins and some of the processes has no enough proof and needs more study still.

Always seek for doctors advised which of the methods is the best for you to conceived twins. There’s still a lot of study and research before considering having twins, hope you and your partner decision is the right one. Wishing you the healthiest and happiest pregnancy.

If you have something to share or to comment about this article, feel free to do so. I highly appreciate you sharing your experience as a mom or as a reader. Let us help one another to be the greatest mom for our kids. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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