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    The Most Excellent Tips Of How To Tell If Baby Is Head Down

    May 14, 2017

    The position of your baby’s head in the womb can decide whether he is alive when being born. If he is head up, the most crucial part of his body will come out last during labor, which can easily cause suffocation. The circumstance can become even more dangerous when his head is much larger than […]


      What Does Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean And How To Make It Right?

      May 7, 2017

      The Common StoryYou are living a fulfilling, happy life, and then one beautiful morning, you are suddenly hit with waves of nausea and queasiness. You become unusually sensitive to even the lightest smell, and your favorite omelette suddenly tastes horrible. And all you think about all day is to take a long undisturbed nap.This is […]


        Zika Virus – Everything You Need To Know About It

        April 28, 2017

        Zika Situation in Early 2017After ranking as the top health concern of 2016, the Zika virus has returned worldwide in early months of 2017, including the USA. According to the International SOS’s Zika News, three newest cases of Zika infections have been found in Singapore since 21st April, which leads to a total of 21 […]


          Top 7 DIY Pregnancy Tests You Need to Know

          April 20, 2017

          Quick Navigation Basic Principals about Pregnancy Tests7 DIY Pregnancy Tests 1. The toothpaste test2. The sugar test 3. The vinegar test 4. The soap test 5. The bleach test6. The dandelion test7. The urine testConclusion Nowadays the only recommended way to find out if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. There are […]


            Try Out These 8 Little Tricks to Make Baby Kick

            April 16, 2017

            Quick Navigation Introduction What Will You Need to Follow the Tricks? 8 Best Tips to Make Your Baby Move 1. Stimulate Your Belly 2. Provide Some Sweet Juice or Snack for Your Body3. Music is Very Efficient 4. Lie Down5. Talk 6. Shine a Light on Your Belly-Button 7. Jiggle Your Tummy 8. RelaxConclusion Introduction […]


              Your trusted guide on early pregnancy signs

              April 7, 2017

              Quick Navigation 20 Common Early Pregnancy Signs List of Weird Pregnancy Symptoms You’ll Never Expect What is a false pregnancy? What are the symptoms of false pregnancy? What causes false pregnancy? False pregnancy tests Is there any treatment for false pregnancy?What to do if you think you may be pregnant FAQs on pregnancy signsFinal thoughts […]


                Is It Weird When I Don’t Feel Pregnant Anymore and How to Solve It?

                April 7, 2017

                Introduction For any first time mom-to-be, pregnancy can throw you a lot of mixed signs that make you question whether you are pregnant. Is it normal to suddenly feel like “I don’t feel pregnant anymore”? Should you be worried and what should you do to cope with it? It’s tough to be pregnant, especially for […]


                  How To Make Baby Move: Relieve Your Mind With 7 Fun And Easy Tips

                  March 29, 2017

                  Quick Navigation Introduction What Is the Frequency That You Should Feel Your Baby Kick? How does Baby Moving Feel Like? How to Make Baby Move? Change Mom’s Position Have A Sweet Snack Wake Him Up with Icy Food Play on Some Music Press Your Bump Execute a Flashlight on Your BellyJumping Jack or Jogging Conclusion […]


                    Cheap Places to Have a Baby Shower – Awesome Ideas!

                    February 25, 2017

                    Introduction Planning a baby shower can become a headage of paying too much. There are many tasks to prepare and many things to buy, including foods, decorations, games, etc. Also, the rental cost can get a lot if you choose to hold the baby shower at expensive places. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to […]


                      When To Start Buying Baby Stuff? Awesome Advice for You!

                      February 18, 2017

                      For me, shopping essential and extra gear for my future angel before the due date is one of the biggest events in my life. The number-one question that I usually receive from moms is “What items should I buy for my baby?”. In addition, there is another common concern. It’s about when to start buying […]

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