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    How To Get An Overtired Baby To Sleep: From Theories To Practice

    April 23, 2017

    Does your baby have an awful nighttime? And is it getting worse every day? Then, he has probably been having overtiredness. It does not perform any serious consequence at present. However, if that continues in the long term, your baby might be endangered. Therefore, it is best to protect him before anything bad happens. I’m […]


      10 proper steps you need to learn to get poop out of carpet

      March 24, 2017

      Navigation IntroductionHow to remove diarrhea from your carpet?What are you going to get prepared?I don’t like to wait for the poop to dry out, can I resolve it while it’s still watery? How about removing solid waste out of the carpet? How to remove semi-solid waste Extra reminders of getting poop out of carpetConclusion Introduction […]


        Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held – Here is the Best Solution

        March 16, 2017

        Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held – Here is the Best Solution Introduction Why Your Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held So, What Is the Solution? Asking for Help Mom-Like Crib Written Guide Don’t Stress! Enjoy This Experience Introduction You have finally managed to get the baby sleep in your arms. Now you think you could leave […]


          How to Make a Baby Sneeze Safely and Effectively

          March 4, 2017

          Introduction Snotty or runny nose is a common problem of babies, especially in their first period of life. Since babies are too small, they don’t know how to clear out their nose. This makes them feel uncomfortable and cranky. Some might suffer from sleepless or even have breathing difficulties. As parents, we always try our […]


            What Cause Cramps After Period and How to Treat Them Easily

            March 1, 2017

            Is it normal to have cramps after period? This is most likely the biggest question coming to your mind when you’re in such situation. Cramps during period naturally occur because of higher sensitivity which mostly results from hormone imbalance.​However, if the painful feeling still continues when your period was already over several days ago, then […]


              How To Make Breast Milk Fattier To Promote Baby’s Growth

              February 21, 2017

              Introduction  Fat represents about 3-5% of the content of human breast milk. It varies at different times of the day and from mom to mom. In particular, the fat content gets higher as the feeding session goes on. Together with protein, minerals, and other nutrients, fat plays an important role in controlling the quality of […]


                How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Hair? 6 Easy To Follow Steps

                February 2, 2017

                Have you tried applying baby oil to your hair to make it grow faster or to make it look shiny? Guilty here, I have a frizzy hair back then, and my quick solution is putting baby oil on my hair. When I gave birth to my second child my daughter is a bit bald at […]


                  How To Clean Medela Tubing If You’re A Beginner

                  January 24, 2017

                  Have you ever wondered how those busy moms can keep their breast pumping equipment clean even after a long, hectic day? If you are new to the idea of breast pumping, then you might be considering how you can get those parts clean without taking too much of your time.Lucky for you, the process is […]


                    Bottle Warmers: Do You Really Need It or Not?

                    January 15, 2017

                    In the constant clash of opinions regarding whether bottle warmers are necessary or not, where do you stand? Do you think they are really helpful? Or do you think they’re just a waste of space?If you’re a first time mother, and you have no idea about this topic, then you’ve come to the right place. […]


                      My Baby Farts a Lot, Should I Worry?

                      January 13, 2017

                      It may sound ridiculous, but I call myself a “what if” kind of mom. consider me as an always worried human being, when it comes to being a parent. Everything about my children, their daily tasks, what they supposed to do at their age right now, everything under the sun that I can ask or […]